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March 14, 2023

Internet shopping, while convenient, does boast its own unique drawbacks. Mainly, it’s hard to really know what you’re purchasing when you can’t see it in the first place. Luckily, our team at Escape Outdoors is here to make online shopping a more productive and enjoyable experience. Read on and learn how to determine your jacket size for online orders with these seven tips!

Gather Your Measurements

The first and most important step in determining the ideal jacket size online is gathering all relevant body measurements. But what exactly do you need to measure to identify the perfect coat? Primarily, you should know your point-to-point size (shoulder width), chest width, jacket length, and sleeves.

Grab a tailor tape measure and wrap it around the fullest section of your chest while maintaining some slack. This number indicates the ideal chest size for the jacket, with just enough wiggle room inside for mid and base layers. Next, extend your tape measure from the peak of one shoulder across your upper back to the other shoulder. This measurement is less important than chest size but can be helpful when looking for fitted coats or jackets of a specific aesthetic.

After securing your point-to-point size, gather your jacket length by placing one end of your tape measure on the top of one shoulder and draping it down just past your waistline. From there, continue extending the tape measure until you reach your desired jacket length. Remember that certain coats, such as parkas, have much more leg material than other jackets!

Finally, measure your sleeve length by starting your tape measure at the nape of your neck and extending it to the shoulder seam. Then, measure from the shoulder seam to the wrist. Combine those two measurements to determine your ideal sleeve length. Now that you have all relevant body measurements in order, you can start narrowing your online jacket search.

Consider Body Shape and Size

Every individual consumer is a different shape and size. No one configuration of the two features is wrong, but this fact makes shopping for well-fitting jackets difficult. Remember that the most important areas of your jacket are the shoulders, chest, sleeves, and length.

So, if you have a broader chest or shoulders, consider buying up one size to accommodate properly. Conversely, if your waistline is larger, you should opt for a coat with more fabric in the midsection. There are other tips on this list that you can use to determine the ideal garment for your specific shape and size, such as in-person shopping and utilizing consumer reviews.

Consult the Sizing Chart

Now that the complicated measurements and body considerations are out of the way, you can more accurately utilize the online sizing chart. Most internet clothing marketplaces feature a sizing chart for each unique product that’s typically a downloadable PDF or onsite image. Regardless of its precise location, the sizing chart is an essential aspect of online shopping since its measurements reflect the corresponding item. This is important because an XL size for one brand might differ from that of another. Use your pre-gathered measurements, especially the chest and shoulders, with the sizing chart to identify the ideal jacket.

Consider the Jacket Type

Similar to human bodies, not all jackets are the same shape or size. More specifically, there’s a multitude of coat types that each provide a specific function, aesthetic, and fit. For example, blazers, leather jackets, and denim coats are three outer layers that are usually form fitting. These coats don’t accommodate many layers underneath, meaning you might have to size down when shopping for one. Additionally, knowing your sleeve length measurements is much more important when looking for blazer-like jackets than bulkier winter coats.

Conversely, you often use puffer jackets, ski gear, fur coats, suit jackets, and other large outerwear garments in environments where mid-layers are necessary. As such, most consumers size up when shopping for heftier winterwear compared to blazers. These are just a few examples that don’t account for bomber jackets, insulated jackets, fleece sweaters, vests, and more! Ensure you understand the function and aesthetic of your desired jacket when looking for a well-fitting product.

Research Consumer Reviews

Utilizing consumer reviews is arguably the most powerful tool at your disposal when shopping for anything online. There are endless resources available for you to compare real-life experiences and opinions of potential purchases before adding them to your cart. Overall, products with more customer reviews below the listing provide a better picture of their quality, feel, and, most importantly, fit. Quite obviously, an overwhelming amount of four- and five-star reviews often indicates that the garment fits true to the sizing chart and listed size. Even negative reviews of products, specifically clothing, will usually comment on the size and feel. Sift through the reviews of multiple jackets to create a mental image of their fit and size.

Use In-Person Shopping

Imagine you’re an international top-secret agent about to embark on a covert mission. Your objective? To infiltrate your local shops, examine various brands and their sizes to determine the ideal fit, and return home with your findings to order the perfect product online from the comfort of your own couch. Bonus objective? Have a wonderful day browsing in-person clothing stores and potentially find a great item to purchase that day! Jokes aside, going in person to “test-run” different jackets is a powerful and effective way to guarantee well-fitting online orders. We even have an Escape Outdoors location in beautiful Bellevue Square, Washington, for you to execute your mission!

Alter Your Online Purchases

Sometimes you order something from your true love, but the fit just isn’t right. Instead of returning this new order, it’s worth considering the benefits of altering your purchase to fit better! If you’re nifty with alterations already, this is an affordable and fun method for tailor-fitting your entire wardrobe and elongating the lifespan of your garments. You can get professional alterations for a local establishment, which are often quite affordable too. It’s not always the most practical decision, but altering your mid-sized clothing can work when shopping for a jacket online.

Understanding how to determine your ideal jacket size for online orders makes internet shopping easier, more productive, and more enjoyable. If you’re in the mood to test out these newfound skills on a quality online marketplace, please explore our wonderful selection of outdoor wear here at Escape Outdoors! We carry many of the top-brand jacket and coat manufacturers. For example, we stock The North Face products and Arc’teryx outdoor wear. Browse our many styles today, or contact our team for additional help finding the perfect garment.

How To Determine Your Jacket Size for Online Orders

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