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February 10, 2022

Running is a fantastic way to stay fit, naturally improve mental health, and even connect with others socially. Running outsidemakes the activity far more engaging and enriching. Luckily, you can go for a jog basically throughout the entire year, provided you wear the right clothing items.

Exercise clothing keeps you dry and comfortable while working out, and some gear is absolutely necessary for protection during the chilly months of winter. For your convenience, here is your ultimate guide to women’s running gear for all seasons.


Thanks to the popularization of athleisure, there’s never been a larger supply of trendy, functional exercise tops in stores and online. It can be hard to truly know what clothing will benefit you the most while working out with so many options to choose from. No matter the season, you want breathable tops that are sweat-wicking and flexible.

You have more freedom when picking tops out for the warmer seasons. You can opt for lighter clothing that’s trendier—there’s nothing better than workout gear that can be worn to the coffee shop after a run! Synthetic tank tops are fashionable, especially ones with vibrant colors and patterns. Jersey material is also quite stylish.

During the winter, you’ll want long-sleeved tops that better protect you from the elements. Consider ones with comfortable, taller collars and finger holes to keep your hands warmer. However, don’t get overly bulky clothing items—you want room for other layers if the weather is frigid.

Shorts and Pants

Since your legs constantly move while running, you want legwear that’s beneficial to your range of motion. Standard sweatpants were the norm for runners for a long time, but those clothing items slow you down and don’t properly wick moisture. Whether it’s winter or summer, flexible materials make for the best pants.

Warm weather means you can bust out shorts, which allow for better movement, and they keep your body cooler. Shorts with pant liners are very comfortable and don’t require undergarments. Opt for shorts with quality elastic waists, and ensure that the drawstrings work correctly. Also, look for items that have zippered pockets to keep your personal belongings safe and dry. As the weather cools, pair running tights with your shorts—tights should fit snug but remain flexible.

Thanks to their lightweight, synthetic material, running pants are functional in any season. Yoga pants are still trendy, especially ones with bold designs. Pocketed yoga pants are preferred, especially for protecting your phone. Joggers offer slightly more protection against cold weather, and synthetic-fabric sweats keep body heat in and moisture out.


Socks are a huge deal when it comes to proper running attire, and with the wrong pair, your workout experience can be ruined. But what is the perfect workout sock? For starters, socks with wicking materials reduce your chances of getting blisters. Moisture in shoes can cause much damage to your feet—not to mention discomfort.

Also, go for tight socks that keep your feet sturdy. Some exercise socks have padding around the middle of your foot and around the ankle; this feature is excellent for reducing blisters and other sores. Running socks are protective no matter the season, too.


You can’t understate the value of a quality sports bra, which helps reduce body strain and even helps keep you warm. In the summer, you can go for a jog in just a sports bra, giving you more range of motion and keeping you cool.

No matter the season, always wear a sports bra under your layers if required, and consider warmer materials for colder months. Make sure that the item fits you correctly—you can get sized adequately at a store quickly.


Gloves are kind of a personal preference for runners; some like the extra protection during the cold, while others dislike the excess weight. Obviously, not many people use gloves in the warmer months, either.

But during the winter, you should consider these accessories, especially if it’s snowing or below freezing. You can develop cold-related injuries like frostnip by exposing your extremities to frigid temperatures and moisture. Opt for synthetic gloves that still offer significant motion and flexibility.


Athletic hats have a few benefits to runners, including a better way to keep hair or sweat from the face, protection from sun or rain, and warmth. Hats made from synthetic jersey materials are highly breathable and very trendy. Even a thin skullcap effectively wicks away moisture. For a retro look, consider a visor, which is very much back in style.

As the weather cools, you definitely want to protect your head. In even mildly cold weather, warmth quickly escapes from your extremities—sometimes up to thirty percent of your total body heat. Opt for heavier materials, such as wool or fleece. Beanies cover your entire head and ears, ensuring you stay cozy while outside.


Summertime allows you to dress with less, which most people prefer when exercising. On the other hand, winter means you need to bundle up and protect yourself from the elements. Luckily, womens’ outdoor fashion items these days are breathable and protective, so your performance won’t be significantly affected.

Long sleeve, waterproof jackets that fit snuggly keep you moving and warm without overheating. For brisk days, consider a trendy quarter-zip sweater. You can also pair a synthetic vest with a warm, long sleeve shirt.

Protective Gear

Running at night is excellent for exercise, especially if your schedule prevents you from running in the daylight. However, it’s dangerous, especially when done alongside a dark road. If you hit the streets when it’s dark outside, make sure you wear clothing that makes you highly visible. Some jackets come with built-in, reflective material that lights up, alerting other drivers of your presence. Or, you can throw on a safety vest, making you very visible.

Running is one of the easiest and most effective forms of cardio. We at Escape Outdoors want everyone to enjoy working out while outdoors and in nature. However, we also want to ensure your comfort and safety with your ultimate guide to women’s running gear for all seasons.

Your Ultimate Guide to Women’s Running Gear for All Seasons

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