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December 01, 2021

Winter is upon us, and that means it’s time to get cozy with our clothes. Of all the items in your wardrobe, nothing is more fashionable and versatile than a quality sweater. These items are always in style and keep you warm when the weather isn’t as kind. In preparation for the holiday season, we at Escape Outdoors present to you your ultimate guide to the many types of sweaters.


There are countless different styles of sweaters, each with its own distinct features and uses. Some are thin and made for fashion over function. Others are cozy and keep you protected from the elements. Here are the most common designs of sweaters:


These sweaters are great for almost any occasion or environment, in part for their ability to be taken on and off with ease. Pullovers are typically light and best for cool to chilly weather. Any sweater without a zipper or buttons is technically considered a pullover, so the variety of options is endless. This clothing item is easily paired with any fall-time outfit and can be dressed up or down. That means you can wear these clothes to the gym or a nice dinner out with family.


A member of the pullover family, the defining feature of crewnecks is the circular neckline around the collar. This look is more casual than most other products on this list, however, many dressy sweaters come in this style. A crewneck provides more room for your neck and better ventilation, which is important if you plan to wear one inside or during the spring or summer.


Turtlenecks are another member of the pullover family, with their crucial difference being a more extended collar. A traditional turtle neck sports a thin collar that is typically foldable. A mock neck, the cousin of turtlenecks, feature a pronounced yet shorter neckline. Mock’s are perfect for warmer weather, but both styles are elegant and best for business-attire events. Furthermore, their long collars provide excellent protection from the cold.


These sweaters were created because traditional pullovers tended to mess up hair and makeup when taken off. These long-sleeve clothing items feature buttons and a low-cut collar. They’re often referred to as “open sweaters” for their loose design and flexibility. Cardigans are typically thin and almost always used as an additional layer – these sweaters complement nearly any outfit and add a rustic, sophisticated look.

Full-Zip and Quarter-Zip

These guys sport zippers over buttons and are usually more athletic and thin compared to other sweaters. Their names quite simply define their style – full-zips have a full-length zipper, while a quarter-zip’s zipper only reaches to the top of your chest. Some zipper sweaters are built bulky, perfect for cold weather activities such as running or hiking. Fancier zip-ups go great with business attire as a stylish, professional outer layer.


Style aside, the essential factor of any sweater is the material it is made from. The material often dictates the functionality and use of the clothing, as insulated sweaters work great in the cold and athletic ones work well with physical activity. Here are the standard fabrics used for sweaters:


Made of a fine collection of fibers that are soft to the touch, cashmere is the material of luxury. Cashmere is known for its incredibly comfy feel, insulation properties, and is surprisingly lightweight. Most sweaters with this fabric are made with cashmere blends, consisting of 5-20% other components such as wool or synthetics. Regardless of the mixture, cashmere is durable and sure to last for many years to come.


The most common of warm sweater materials, wool is used in most winter clothing. It’s known for its long-lasting quality and superior warmth. Most importantly, wool clothing is incredibly soft. Most people are unaware of how water-resistant wool actually is, as 30% of wool’s weight is water. The fabric is sourced from primary sheep but also animals such as llamas and alpacas. With pure wool mixtures, clothing can be itchy on the skin, so consider an undershirt for these sweaters.


Cotton is the preferred material for hoodies, pullovers, and any light sweater. Cotton doesn’t insulate wool or synthetics, but the fabric is significantly more breathable and airy. This material doesn’t irritate the skin compared to other sweaters, making it an excellent option for children’s clothing. Like other fabrics, cotton can be dressed both up and down.


The rise of athleisure and faster production time has led to the large-scale use of synthetic materials. These are lab-created fabrics that come from sustainable sources, and the material is highly flexible and versatile. Most zippered sweaters use synthetics for their wicking technology – this is the preferred fabric for runners and hikers, especially in the winter. While less durable than other materials, polyesters and polyamide are effectively less expensive. Opt for sweaters consisting of synthetic and natural blends.

Best Brands

So what is the best producer of quality, comfortable, and warm sweaters? At Escape Outdoors, we carry many of the top winter-clothing brands globally, and each company features a plethora of styles and materials. Here are just a few brands that sell great sweater options:


Kuhl is a German clothing company that produces impressive sweater items, among many other products. They’re best known for their durable clothing and performance-grade items – many active people prefer Kuhl’s althetic-friendly sweaters. This brand features functional zip-ups and hoodies with fine fabrics.


Patagonia is a massively popular brand that combines a love for nature and a retro design. Young people flock to this company for quality sweaters. They offer zip-ups, mock necks, and the ever-trendy Patagonia Better Sweater outfit.With this brand, you know you’re receiving a quality sweater with a long lifespan.

Just because the weather is unforgiving during the winter doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy nature. We offer the perfect items for you that will keep you warm and looking fantastic! Escape Outdoors is happy to provide you with your ultimate guide to the many types of sweaters, but more importantly, we hope to give you quality outdoor clothing that’s fit for any adventure.

Your Ultimate Guide to the Many Types of Sweaters

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