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January 31, 2020

Fashion trends can come and go in the blink of an eye. Things that were once outdated are quickly coming back into fashion, while things that were popular only a few months ago have seamlessly faded away from the limelight. Fashion can be rather fickle and staying on top of the most recent trends can be quite tricky. Luckily, we’ve got your guide to staying up to date on fashion trends, so you’ll never be behind the times or stuck wearing last season’s styles again.

Social media

One of the best and most accessible ways to stay up to date on fashion trends is to browse through the social media posts of popular celebrities, influencers, and fashion icons. Instagram and Twitter often see the newest fashion trends long before mainstream media gets a hold of it, so turning to social media is one of the best ways to stay on the cutting edge of fashion. When browsing through social media in search of the newest trends, try to find influencers or brands who ascribe to and post photos in line with your personal style. For instance, if you’re searching for the hottest men’s outdoor fashion trends, consider following bloggers or influencers who lead a more active lifestyle that focuses on nature and adventure. This will help maintain your personal style and individualism while also ensuring that you see more of the styles you like and less of those you don’t.

Fashion magazines

Fashion magazines are also a great place to start your hunt for the hottest fashion trends. This type of magazine typically features high-quality photo spreads debuting some of the newest looks from popular fashion houses, such as Versace, Gucci, and Calvin Klein. Even if clothing from these specific brands is a bit outside your budget, the photos provided in the magazine will give you a good idea of what’s currently popular. You can then use this knowledge to find similar items at a much lower price point. Even magazines that don’t focus exclusively on fashion will provide you with great insights as to what’s currently on-trend. Pop culture magazines often include photos of celebrities at various events or even simply going about their daily life. As celebrities always seem to be one step ahead of the fashion game, taking a peek at their clothing choices will help put you on the right track toward the hottest fashion trends.

Go shopping

Engaging in a bit of retail therapy is a great way to see what clothing items are currently trendy. Whether that means a trip to the local mall or cozying up on your couch and browsing through online shops, take some time to check out what’s new. Mainstream retail and department stores focus exclusively on knowing exactly what the average consumer wants and providing it to them. Looking at a retailer’s new arrivals, therefore, will give you a good idea of what styles and items are currently in high demand. Cross-reference the products from a few different stores. The items and styles continually offered at a variety of different retailers are likely the items that are most in line with current fashion trends.

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