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October 08, 2021

With autumn officially arriving, now is the time to start embracing cooler weather and get cozy. There is still plenty of time to spend out in nature as the summer temperature lingers around. But in many places, it’s also the time where people can start going out to downtown more, as the blistering heat amidst the concrete is diminishing.

Fall clothing is unique in that it must be warm and breathable, but it can still be more fashionable than functional in many cases. Dressing for autumn is an opportunity to balance closet staples with current trends. Whether you’re getting brunch with friends or going on a long walk in the park, you’ll need to dress appropriately. Make sure you are good to go with this guide to must-have 2021 fall attire.

Fleece Jacket

Out of all the different types of winter clothing options, fleece jackets are still some of the most popular. These jackets offer similar warmth to wool. But they’re softer, less itchy, and ideal for anyone wanting to avoid using unnecessary animal products.

Jackets made with fleece are highly affordable compared to other winter clothing options as well. They are also incredibly lightweight to pack and comfy to wear, whether you are lounging by a campfire, going on a date, or packing for a weekend getaway.

There are many different styles of fleece jackets, depending on whether you want a casual look, performance features, or a bit of both. They have a classic look that you can easily make more fancy by wearing them with non-athleisure clothing like boots, dark jeans, or sleek leggings.

At the same time, they are breathable enough to wear under a heavier, waterproof jacket if you need some extra warmth for a hiking trip or a long walk in a park. Adding a fleece jacket to your wardrobe is a must for anyone wanting warmth, affordability, and comfort.

Flannel Shirt

There’s a reason that plaid is a timeless fall fashion staple. Flannels embody a vintage look no matter where you get them. They are highly affordable to find, and there are often countless options at thrift stores.

Although they aren’t the warmest tops to wear, they’re perfect for layering and styling outfits. Additionally, they’re ideal for warmer fall climates like those in the Southwest. Just like fleece, flannel shirts are breathable compared to other materials and are perfect to wear on top of a tank top or underneath a warmer coat when the weather really becomes frigid.

Flannels are some of the most versatile additions to anyone’s closet. Partners in relationships can easily share them with each other. Further, they go well with many different bottoms. No matter the color you get, you can easily dress a flannel up (to a certain degree) for more put-together nights or lounge around with a more relaxed one.

Puffer Jacket

Your guide to must-have 2021 fall attire wouldn’t be complete without a high-quality puffer jacket. These are essential for anyone living in colder climates or places with lots of wind.

Their only downside is that they tend to be on the pricier end compared to other materials and styles and aren’t as breathable. However, the warmth and protection from the elements that they provide are worth the investment.

Puffer jackets come in all types of styles, fits, and colors. Certain variations fit more like crop tops, whereas others extend to an elegant thigh length. Some are perfect for trekking across a mountain, while others are suitable for just getting across town to your job or running some errands. These days, puffer jackets have become popular in streetwear as well.

Puffer jackets are still very lightweight to wear despite all the warmth they provide. Although down feathers are the traditional insulation material in them, there are plenty of synthetic materials meant to replicate down as well. The filling in puffer jackets allows them to be highly compactable, which is helpful for anyone traveling.


Shoes come in a whole range of options, with boots just being one of them. However, anyone with a pair of boots knows that they’re not easy items to shop for. The selection of boots is as wide as ever. It ranges from pairs that are simple and softspoken all the way to boots with audacious heels. Still, there is a multitude of options between these two ends of the spectrum.

Boots are pieces that allow you to express your style. Simultaneously, they still provide lots of functionality. For cooler, wetter months, you’ll definitely want to factor in warmth and water resistance. Even factors like the height of boots will determine whether you stay warm and comfortable. It’s also helpful to pick a boot with strong traction so that you don’t slip around on the ice or snow.

Another special consideration to make when picking boots is to see how they transform the feeling of the rest of your outfit. Wearing a pair of knee-high boots has a much different vibe than a pair of black combat boots. In the last couple of years, platform boots have even cycled back into fashion.

Saturated Colors

Bring on the fuchsia, scarlet, neon, lime green, cobalt, and canary yellow pieces! Are these hues bold? You bet! The brighter, the better.

Neutral tones have had the reins for the last few years in all types of industries, including fashion. These won’t ever go out of a style per se, but now is the time to branch out into something else. Autumn is just that time, especially with the leaves changing color.

Saturated colors represent optimism and excitement. They exude playfulness, are surprising to other people, and allow wearers to have fun during the day. Brighter hues have already been making their way down the runway. So it’s time that they hit the streets as well. Many outdoor lifestyle clothing brands are starting to add more color to their products. Therefore, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the perfect pieces to add to your closet.

Color-blocking is a way to mix and match different colors by focusing on clear contrasts. Although it can seem counterintuitive to pair two extremes together, doing so will reveal the fact that there exists a complementary element within both of them.

Autumn is an exciting time of year with fashion because it rides on the tailwind of the warmer festival season of summer as it transitions into the cozier winter months. This gives you so many options with styling. You can express yourself in all kinds of ways as the seasons change.

Your Guide to Must-Have 2021 Fall Attire

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