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May 16, 2022

With each change of the season comes the stress of finding the perfect summer fit. Revamping your wardrobe is no easy task, and staying on top of trends is even harder. Luckily, you don’t need to worry anymore—at Escape Outdoors, we present to you an excellent women’s clothing guide for creating trendy summer outfits. Use these tips as inspiration for making the best looks this season!

Embrace Summer Colors

Every season has its own unique color palette—winter has black and dark shades of brown, gray, and navy blue, fall has reds, oranges, and dark brown, and spring has pastels and light whites and creams. But what are the quintessential summer colors? Like spring, consider choosing brighter/bolder hues. Colors such as vibrant reds, turquoise, yellow, pink, and white look great under the summer sun.

Try constructing an outfit that includes one to two of these colors and balance out the ensemble with clean, white-colored clothing. For instance, you can wear a bright pink top with complementary accessories and pair those items with white linen pants. This outfit is trendy and sure to impress friends.

There are exceptions to the “color rule,” especially when dressing for a more formal event or setting. While many people wear navy blue only in the colder seasons, it can look fantastic in a summer outfit. Combine navy blue items with neutral colors, like khaki or camel. With any color combination you choose, ensure you don’t clash or mash hues and shades in an overly distracting manner. Remember, a balanced outfit is a trendy outfit!

Get Wild With Patterns

Like colors, every season has a pattern or two that looks the most trendy. Consider how strange a flannel print would look while lounging at the beach in 90-degree weather! Summer patterns should be fun, vibrant, and even a little chaotic. For instance, bright floral prints are extremely popular, especially on flowing dresses and tops.

Crocheted tops with sunflower patterns or alternating stripes are also stylish. Feel free to bust out your loud animal print clothing, as well! If you’re constructing an athleisure outfit, you can implement clothing with large shapes in a plethora of colors—these types of fits don’t always follow traditional fashion rules!

Go With the Flow

Fall and winter are great seasons for wearing form-fitting clothing. It keeps you protected from the elements and, overall, fits the vibe of that time of year. However, when summer rolls around, flowing clothes are the better choice for many reasons.

For starters, flowing dresses, skirts, tops, and layers are more comfortable in hot weather. They’re more breathable and reduce the risk of being a sweaty mess at the end of the day. They also help limit sun exposure without weighing you down.

Additionally, flowing clothes are trendier in the summer than tighter items. They match that “free-spirit” feel of the season and make for more interesting outfits. Linen dresses, both short and long, are great options for the summer. You can also pair a flared top with high-rise jean shorts for a campier look. Or throw a light and flowing layer over your beach fit to add more protection and depth.

Free Your Skin

Summer is the best time to shed some layers and free your skin! There’s nothing more liberating than wearing something sheer and appropriately revealing. Tank-tops are a summer staple and provide style and functionality to any outfit. Best of all, you can dress tanks either up or down, depending on the event or setting.

While it can be tempting to continue wearing comfortable pants throughout the year (as we’ve become accustomed to during the winter and spring), implement more shorts and skirts into your wardrobe rotation. There are far more styling options for you when you opt for shorts, skirts, rompers, or mini-dresses. You can spice up the outfit with tall socks and thin tights or leave the fit as is—ensure you use enough sunscreen to protect your body from harmful sun rays.

Dress for Any Occasion

While summer is the season for relaxing by the pool or beach, most of these outfits aren’t always suitable for multiple activities. A chiller fit might be great at the pool but won’t be practical for dinner out with friends or family. As such, finding multi-functional clothing is essential for creating the ideal summer outfit. But what makes an outfit multi-functional?

Any outfit that works well for formal and relaxed events is multi-functional. You’ve found the right fit if you can reasonably fit the “dress code” for any occasion! Sometimes having a nicer, thin layer that you can easily throw on top of more relaxed clothes is the easiest way to accomplish this look. Khaki pants are clothing items that work well in almost any situation.

Don’t Forget Accessories

Summer fits typically involve fewer layers, so finding ways to add more details to your ensemble can be tricky—that’s where accessories come in handy! These simple additions add more character and depth to your outfit, and they’re practical in the summer heat.

Hats are always a solid choice, especially quality sun/harvest hats. A baseball cap is a cute option for sportier looks, whereas a newsboy hat is better suited for shopping downtown. You can also mix in bandanas for more adventurous activities, like hiking or mountain climbing.

Fun colored watch bands add a sense of character to your look, especially if you wear a smartwatch daily. We recommend rubber materials instead of leather bands.

Also, try using a unique color that stands out from the rest of your ensemble. You can do this color-contrasting with a purse or fanny pack. Or consider adding a beach tote into your wardrobe rotation for a more relaxed vibe.

These tips for trendy summer outfits can make finding the perfect ensemble far easier this season. Remember that the best outfit is one that feels good for youand fits your preferences. As long as you’re comfortable, you’re well on your way to achieving the perfect, fashionable look. If you need additional help finding women’s outdoor apparel, consider the excellent selection here at Escape Outdoors!

Women’s Clothing Guide: Tips for Trendy Summer Outfits

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