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November 30, 2021

Winter is now upon us! While the weather outside is frightful, active people find this season absolutely delightful. If you’re a person who enjoys walks, runs, or hikes—even when it’s freezing outside—there are many reasons why you should be thankful for advancements in cold gear products. Proper winter clothing ensures comfortability, safety, and improves outside experiences.

Cold Weather Clothing Can Save Your Life

The original solution our ancient ancestors had for combating extreme cold was fur-lined clothing. Fur can trap heat and repel cold and water. In dryer environments, people layered up in knitted wool clothing or items filled with goose down (the under-feather filament found on geese and ducks that keeps them alive during the winter).

Flash forward to today and synthetic polymer use in cold gear is more popular compared to animal-based materials, although wool is still standard. Thanks to advancements in gold gear, we now enjoy low-temperature days wearing protective, sustainable clothing.

Protection during winter is vital. Even a little exposure to freezing temperatures when someone is unprotected causes injuries such as frostnip and frostbite. These are severe and can cause terrible problems if they’re left unattended.

When people wear improved winter clothing, they’re guarded against the element and protected from getting injured. This is an achievement for the clothing industry as it continues to improve and prosper.

Fashion is Not Forgotten

While most people agree their winter clothing is protective and safe, they wouldn’t mind if it looked fashionable as well. They want their winter clothes to be made from high-quality materials and so stylish they can wear them for years to come. Since anti-weather technology is easy to produce, many companies focus on creating fashionable, popular clothing items.

Brands like Canada Goose, Patagonia, and The North Face add new clothes to the market every year, many of which are hot commodities and valued products in our society. Because of this, winter clothing is the perfect purchase or gift for yourself or a loved one. The different styles are endless and can fit anyone’s fashion tastes and preferences.

Wide Variety

Before advancements in technology and materials, cold weather clothing was usually a bulky jacket, knit hat, and gloves. Today, cold gear comes in all shapes and sizes and has a vast array of item types. Products include insulated boots, stylish caps, cozy earmuffs, and warm socks. There are products for any weather condition, thanks to base-layer items, mid-layer jackets, and rain-resistant coats. No matter the time of year, you can combine these items to ensure you stay safe and look great. The wide variety of products is a huge reason why you should be thankful for advancements in gold gear.

Escape Outdoors provides high-quality, fashionable cold gear that’ll keep you warm while you connect with the beauty of nature during the unforgiving winter. Our inventory includes top-notch brands, including Kuhls, The North Face, and Patagonia clothing for sale. Grab a gift for you or a loved one and reconnect with the outdoors this winter.

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