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January 13, 2022

There are many factors that go into finding the best winter clothing each year. For starters, you want a product that’s worth its price. Additionally, wardrobe items that last for years are always a good thing. If a coat, sweater, or jacket both looks great and keeps you warm, that’s the right option for you. These are just a few reasons why quality matters when it comes to outerwear.

Is Quality Subjective?

For this list, “quality” refers only to the manner in which clothing is produced and what materials are used. Long-lasting, functional items are what make a product quality. As for personal choice, there are plenty of outerwear brands with various styles that maintain sustainable business models and cater to everyone. You can find the perfect layer for you and still ensure it’s made from quality sources.

Weather Protection

Quality is essential for ensuring the best possible outside experience, especially during the fall and winter. When you purchase a warm outwear item, you’re looking for something that’ll keep you protected while out and about. The cozier the product, the longer you can explore nature or get some physical activity. That’s why it’s essential to buy from trusted brands that use the best possible materials.

Poor quality outwear is unproductive concerning outdoor use, sometimes leaving you with little more protection than not wearing an extra layer. Additionally, winter-related cold injuries are more dangerous than one might think, so you want to be totally safeguarded from frostbite or worse. When going on an intense hiking or camping trip, you’ll want the best possible product that will ultimately keep you healthy.


No one likes dishing out the big bucks for a coat and having to get another one soon after because the first item didn’t last long. Quality outerwear made with genuine wool, advanced synthetics, flannel, and cashmere will last you for many years. Best of all, the clothing will remain in good condition throughout that time. This longevity opens the door for hand-me-downs, meaning you’ll get the ultimate value out of your purchase.


Clothing made from superior materials lasts a long time, but more importantly, it’s far more comfortable for the wearer. Bundling up during the winter and venturing outside isn’t always the most pleasant experience. Wanting to rip off your uncomfortable layers makes that situation far worse. Quality outerwear encourages individuals to explore the outdoors, regardless of weather conditions.

Soft materials such as cashmere are super functional and cozy to wear. Advanced polymers and nylon keep you dry, which is extremely important if you live where it snows or seasonally rains. Ultimately, poor-quality outwear offers little comfort for wearers, so it’s best to seek top-notch products.

Fewer Layers

Sometimes the weather outside calls for multiple layers, meaning you need more items for less functionality. When you opt for quality products, you can get away with fewer items every time you step outside. This feature has a few good advantages:

  • More comfort overall.
  • More space in wardrobe year-round.
  • Fewer layers to manage when you get to your destination.
  • Fewer dollars spent on excessive outerwear items.
  • Better styling options for outfits.

Managing multiple clothing items adds an extra obstacle when traveling outside in the cold. It’s best to use quality coats, sweaters, and jackets that allow you to get away with fewer products. Escape Outdoors offers highly-protective, stylish clothing for all your outside needs.


When you buy a coat, you’re looking for the perfect mix of functionality and style. However, it’s not easy to find this happy medium, leaving many struggling to prioritize one or the other. When you opt for quality outerwear items, you’ll find more appealing clothing that also appropriately protects you from the elements.

We carry top products such as North Face puffer jackets and Patagonia women’s apparel made from quality materials to ensure maximum outdoor enjoyment, while also leaving you looking your best!


Today's clothing market is dominated by “fast fashion,” a production method that’s exploitative of laborers and the environment. It’s essential to have suitable clothing at affordable prices, but fast fashion brands do more damage than good. Below we explore a few reasons why fast fashion is a poor substitute for traditional, quality production models.

Lower Quality

The points above adequately explain why quality matters when it comes to outerwear. When you shop fast fashion, you’re paying for what you get. These low-cost clothing items look great but are manufactured quickly and from poor materials. Most importantly, this means your outwear will not last nearly as long when compared to higher quality products. In fact, some fast fashion products are only suitable for two to three wears! In the long run, you’ll be making more trips to the store for subpar items.

Poor Working Conditions

To meet the excessive demand of fast fashion sales models, workers are often placed in poor environments with long hours and low pay. Furthermore, this type of employment typically targets low-income, disenfranchised individuals. Lastly, this pushes valuable jobs across seas, further impacting our domestic businesses and laborers.

Many businesses are switching back to quality-produced items in an effort to provide better labor practices worldwide. In fact, many younger consumers prefer companies that focus on human staff treatment and proper working conditions. While profits are high with fast fashion, operating reputation is more valuable. The best way to reduce these labor disputes is by seeking out quality clothing items.

Increased Carbon Footprint

Along with cheap labor, fast fashion relies on overconsumption of natural resources and excessive carbon emissions. The production method contributes 20% of all water waste globally. Since these items are less likely to last, this issue is exasperated by further production. It’s a nasty cycle that puts the environment at risk every single day.

Escape Outdoors is all about connecting with nature, no matter the season—and quality clothing ensures we can all enjoy this beautiful planet for generations!

Quality clothing protects you, your bank account, and the Earth as a whole. Buying from top brands keeps you warm and stylish while safeguarding the needs of others. Ultimately, there are too many reasons why you should always seek superior clothing made from sustainable materials.

Why Quality Matters When It Comes To Outerwear

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