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October 02, 2020

Fashion is an ever-changing industry and offers many options that vary from the generic to the iconic. While there are many personal reasons for our own personal wardrobe decisions, you may be left wondering: why do people buy brand names? What’s the benefit of having the little logo of a company on your clothes? Should you buy brand names too?

Iconic Style

Brands will typically keep the same themes and styles to preserve brand loyalty. If someone likes a brand of clothes, they might just like the style that the brand gives them. For example, some brands will stick to natural clothing colors that appeal to a broader range of people, while others will risk unique designs or vibrant colors that can appeal to those who want to stand out from the crowd. Additionally, businesses will look for celebrity icons to act as brand representatives. If someone sees their favorite celebrity endorsing a brand, they’re going to want to support that business as well.


Consumers are more likely to trust brand names than generic names since the brand would have had to found success somehow to get where they are. Typically, the cost of buying brand name clothing is worth the quality. This is especially true for those who need activity-specific clothing. For example, say an individual enjoys mountain climbing; they’re going to want to make sure the clothes they wear will protect them from the elements. Further, brand names are easier to look up reviews for and see the overall public opinion of before making a purchase.

To Fit In and Impress

Sometimes brands are just the fashion flavor of the year, and that’s okay. Wearing brand name clothing can help you fit in with a crowd you want to make friends with. It may sound childish, but it gives you common ground to start a conversation with a new group. If you see someone wearing a logo of a brand you associate with, you’ll immediately feel more comfortable with them. Take The North Face, for example. The iconic logo along with the style and comfort of the fleece jackets pushed The North Face apparel straight into pop-fashion for outerwear—during the winter especially! As one of the most popular outdoor fashion brands, many people can bond over this brand, which is why we always keep it in stock at Escape Outdoors.

Brand Loyalty

Regular customers will pledge loyalty to the effectiveness of certain brands’ clothes. With the uprising of social media in recent years, a new wave of branding and advertising shot up. Brands have been able to display themselves in a new, more personable way that attracts customers, as they can directly interact with them on social media. Additionally, brands will sometimes interact with their sponsorships in humorous ways to further advertise their products with posts. While brand loyalty has always existed—especially with the use of sports sponsorships—this new evolution of loyalty has played a large role in why people buy brand names.

At Escape Outdoors, we have all the most popular brands of outdoor clothing at your fingertips—conveniently sorted by brand or activity.

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