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August 04, 2020

April showers are a necessary evil in every springtime season. As the weather starts to warm up and the thunderclouds begin to loom on the horizon, it’s time to start preparing your wardrobe accordingly. However, finding a happy medium between warm-weather wear and a waterproof wardrobe is not always a simple task. Add a healthy dose of humidity into the mix, and you’ll be sweating before you even step foot outside. This guide for what to wear on a hot and humid rainy day will keep you cool and comfortable in the face of even the most fearsome thunderstorms.

Breathable fabrics

Breathable fabrics will be your greatest ally against springtime heat and humidity. Not only will they keep you cool during particularly steamy days, but they will dry quicker in the event you get caught in a sudden downpour. Avoid silk and suede at all costs, as they do not dry quickly and will likely become ruined if wet. Cotton and linen are the best choices for warm and wet springtime weather. These fabrics are extremely breathable and, while they are not water-resistant, they do dry quite quickly and will not lose their integrity when wet. If you intend to embark on an outdoor adventure this spring, be sure to choose athletic fabrics that wick away moisture to help keep sweating at bay. Cotton and lycra blends are a good option, as are linen and rayon.

Light layers

Spring weather can be quite fickle, and sudden storms can throw a wrench in even the most reliable weather reports. Dressing in light layers is the best way to prepare for a variety of weather conditions. Choose layers that are as lightweight as possible, as they will keep you cool amid the heat and humidity. Pair a tank top with a loose jacket or a t-shirt with a light windbreaker to best protect yourself against the elements without the added insulation. As the weather warms up and the skies begin to clear, you’ll be able to shed your outermost layers and keep cool throughout the entire day.

Water-resistant wardrobe

Water-resistant items are an absolute must when battling a warm and wet spring. Choose clothing and accessories that either repel water or dry quickly. Boots and sneakers with a rubber sole are a good option when commuting in the rain, and a coat of water-repellant spray will provide an added level of protection. A sturdy umbrella and a lightweight raincoat are also key accessories to always have on hand.

At Escape Outdoors, we offer a wide selection of women’s and men’s outdoor fashion apparel so you’ll be prepared no matter what Mother Nature stirs up this spring.

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