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April 16, 2021

As the world enters a new, bright chapter after a dark, turbulent time, the clothes we wear should reflect the dawn of a new day. Warm weather and sunny days are ahead of us; does your wardrobe fit the brilliant mood? Bring your closet up to date with the oncoming summer trends of the year, and focus on style as you begin the transition to post-pandemic normalcy. These warm-weather wardrobe essentials for 2021 focus on the current trends, the global mood, and your comfort for late spring and summer.

Denim Is Back

The denim craze seems to come back at least once every decade, and this decade is no different. Lovers of fashion are rocking denim in all elements of their wardrobes—denim jackets, boyfriend jeans, and jean shorts are just some of the denim staples making their return to the scene.

Keep yourself warm during spring and summer nights with a comfortable jean jacket, and you’ll feel like you did when you were a teenager coming home from a late-night bonfire with friends. A return to denim is a return to comfort. This reliable fabric goes with just about any outfit and is perfect for any casual outing.

Turn up the Brightness

Bright colors have a positive effect on our mood, so wearing bright colors after a dark moment in history can keep us feeling optimistic for the future as we switch back to some semblance of our old routines. Brightness is trending this year in all sorts of different design and fashion fields—people are painting their walls with bright colors, advertising with bright colors, and adding brightness to their homes and offices.

Step out of your comfort zone this spring and summer by playing with pastels in your wardrobe. Men and women alike are incorporating pinks, pastel blues, and whites into their outfits—they’re even buying brightly colored shoes! Mix and match darker outfits with bright accessories for a retro, mysterious look that’s sure to make you stand out in a crowd.

Florals for Everyone

Floral patterns aren’t just for pretty sundresses anymore—you can find them on just about anything. The floral trend is hitting every market like a tidal wave. People are flocking to tropical floral print shirts, shorts, and dresses for a fresh, breezy style that turns heads wherever they go.

Find the floral pattern that looks best on you, and go wild with it! Whether you pick out a Hawaiian floral-print shirt or a simple T-shirt with a flowery design, pairing it with simple, single-colored bottoms—such as white shorts—will make you look and feel fantastic.

Nautical Inspiration

As we’ve spent the past year cooped up in our homes without any travel plans to break up the mundanity, our fashion reflects our natural drive to go out and explore the world. Some of the biggest symbols of adventure and travel are the objects you’d find on a boat or in the ocean. Fill your wardrobe with some of the most iconic nautical patterns you can find as you dream about the travel plans in your future.

Coast on forward with anchor print shorts, sailor striped T-shirts, and unbuttoned beachy button-ups. Bring a taste of adventure and vacation wherever you go, especially if you go out for drinks with friends on a hot summer night.

Flowing Maxi Dresses and Form-Fitting Dresses

When the weather warms up, it’s time to break out the dresses for a fun, springy mood. Usually, there’s one definitive type of dress dominating the fashion world, but this year, it depends on who you ask.

Many ladies are bringing back the conservative, flowing maxi dress to maintain a dreamy, fantastical image. By pairing it with a large straw hat and some cute sandals, you can become the nature-loving “girl next door” who never misses a chance to watch the sun set.

Others are reveling in the chance to see and meet new people again, opting instead for skin-hugging, revealing evening dresses that allow them to highlight the favorite parts of their bodies while keeping it regal and classy. Neither option is wrong—you may even wear both types of dresses on the same day!

Crop Tops Are Still In

Crop tops have tightened their grip on the fashion world and still maintain their popularity even after a few years of being at the top. The crop top has evolved into its own type of outfit—those who can pull off a crop top may pair it with a pair of high-waisted bottoms rather than low-rise bottoms. A loose-fitting crop top that shows just a bit of belly can add essential variety to any wardrobe.

Stylish Workout Clothing and Outdoor Wear

Spring and summer are the perfect times to get back into your outdoor workout groove, and your wardrobe should help you get back in shape. As you fill your closet with the warm-weather wardrobe essentials for 2021, don’t forget to take stock of your exercise clothes and outdoor gear.

If the gym or your daily jog is your favorite time to socialize with other fitness lovers, represent your most beloved workout wear brands—they’ll help you look good, and you can use them as a conversation starter. Make sure everything still fits just right and isn’t showing wear—you won’t feel motivated to work out if you don’t have the right clothes.

For outdoor enthusiasts who use the Great Outdoors as their gym, fill your closet up with waterproof, durable clothing that can handle more than a few mountain trails and rocky adventures. Get a jacket, boots, and pants with utility that will help you while you’re out experiencing nature at its best. Look good while you’re pushing your limits, and you’ll perfect your mountaintop selfie skills.

Whether you’re searching for sporty women’s workout wear or hardy men’s outdoor fashion, Escape Outdoors has the hand-picked trends that are perfect for your wardrobe. Our collection features only the best of the best in the industry, allowing you to home in on the pieces that truly suit your high-end tastes.

Warm-Weather Wardrobe Essentials for 2021

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