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November 11, 2022

When it comes to top outdoor clothing brands, Arc’teryx reigns supreme. Their high-quality products are extremely functional, durable, and reliable. Here are three trendy tips to make your Arc’teryx clothes more fashionable.

Tactical Clothing

Arc’teryx jackets and coats are very sleek and professional by design. However, by adding tactical clothing items to your outfit, you can create a much trendier and more relaxed look! For instance, a pair of military-style tactical pants and boots would complement an Arc’teryx zip-up well – plus, this is an extremely functional outfit for outdoor activities. Additionally, you can pair a tactical mockneck sweater with Arc’teryx trousers for casual occassions, such as a lunch date. Best of all, tactical wear is completely unisex!


Layering is an extremely important concept when constructing quality and stylish outfits. The layering basics are quite simple – most outfits should incorporate two to three layers, including a base, middle, and outer garment.

The base layer must fit comfortably underneath other clothing items – breathable shirts are often the best option. The mid-layer can be a multitude of garments, including sweaters, zip-ups, thin jackets, and more. These items help keep you warm, fit comfortably over the base layer, and add depth to your outfit. Lastly, outer layers are required for colder environments and typically consist of coats and jackets. These garments should be large enough to comfortably fit over the other two layers and provide enough protection from the elements.

So, how can you use layering to improve your Arc’teryx clothing? Consider combining your Arc’teryx items to create trendier, more interesting outfits. For instance, Arc’teryx wool shirts are warm and comfortable base layers that work well with many different Arc’teryx outer layers. Additionally, their sweaters and hoodies are excellent middle and outer layers for Arc’teryx collared shirts.

Backpacks and Other Accessories

Accessorizing is one of the easiest ways to elevate an outfit, and there are plenty of items you can add to your ensemble that’ll improve the trendiness of your Arc’teryx garments. Mainly, backpacks can effectively add style and functionality to your outfit – Arc’teryx even carries its own line of fashionable and durable packs that are perfect for any occasion or environment. Simple accessories such as tactical belts, winter hats, and baseball caps can significantly improve your clothing, too.

Follow these easy and trendy tips to make your Arc’teryx clothes more fashionable andfunctional. Browse our selection of Arc’teryx garments and accessories today to find the perfect products for your wardrobe.

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