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January 05, 2021

Comfort and fashion go hand in hand during the winter. These two elements should work together to provide you with the most aesthetically pleasing and cozy looks of the year. When you have to consider both appearance and winter safety, it is easy to make critical wardrobe mistakes during the winter that result in embarrassing fashion disasters. Getting your wardrobe just right during the winter can save you from an out-of-season outfit and the discomfort that comes with it. Learn about these top winter wardrobe mistakes to avoid so you can make all the right clothing decisions this season. You can be both trendy and warm with the correct items.

Not Trying on Any Old Seasonal Clothes Before Winter

A lot happens over the course of a year. Waiting until the season begins to try on your winter wardrobe is one of the most common mistakes people make. The fashion might be out of date, and your body may have changed, as well—for the better or for the worse. Sometimes, the clothes you were relying on to carry you through the winter may no longer fit.

Before you plan on wearing clothes from your winter wardrobe, try them out! If they no longer fit you, are out of style, or have simply gotten too old and worn out, donate or sell them. Clear out space in your wardrobe for new winter clothes.

Not Investing in Clothes That Keep You Warm

If you focus exclusively on trends and styles and ignore warm, comfortable clothing, you will feel the windchill more than other people. There is nothing wrong with being fashionable, but without proper protection from the cold, you will find it nearly impossible to spend time outdoors.

Every layer of clothing should protect you from the bitter cold of winter. For the milder days, you can focus on style more than protection—but every other chilly winter day requires that protection from the elements.

Remember To Layer:

As mentioned in a previous blog post, layering your clothing during the winter is an essential step when planning outfits. If you are going outside for athletic activities or exploration, layers will help you stay out longer. Invest in a waterproof, tight base layer to protect your skin from wetness both inside and outside of the shirt. Your middle layers should insulate you while your outer shell layer, or winter coat, should keep all that heat and insulation inside to regulate your body temperature.

The Wrong Coat

One of the most expensive items in your wardrobe should be your stylish and protective winter coat. Search for something with both luxurious fashion sense and utility—not just one or the other. It is expensive, so it is important to get the purchase correct the first time. You should be able to reuse the coat for many winters to come. You may invest in several different types of winter coats—one purely for style, one for utility, and one somewhere in between.

Since your winter coat is the top layer that keeps heat close to your body, make sure you buy a coat that fits your outdoor needs. If you frequently exercise outside, do not purchase a coat that gets in the way of your workout. Buy a coat tailored to the activities you love. It is also important to search for coats that protect you from rain, snow, and wind.

Escape Outdoors’s wide selection of Arc’Teryx clothing provides adventure seekers with the options they need for both light outdoor activity and heavy outdoor workouts or hikes. With options from waterproof coats that use Gore-Tex technology to warm fleece hoodies, no matter what kinds of weather you face this winter, you will be prepared.

Not Wearing Warm Tights With Skirts and Dresses

You should not stop wearing cute winter skirts and dresses just because of the freezing temperatures outside. Do not underestimate the protection stylish fleece-lined leggings, tights, or long socks can provide. The right insulating tights can make all the difference in the warmth of an outfit. By adding these fashionable elements, you are essentially giving yourself a base layer for your legs.

If your outfit looks better with a bit of bare leg exposed, consider getting skin-tone leggings to trick anyone from a distance. Your legs will stay toasty while everyone else thinks you are boldly braving the frigid temperatures.

Uncomfortable Socks

You may put extra effort into most of your wardrobe, but if you cheap out on your choice of socks, then it will feel like all the effort went to waste. Nothing is worse in the winter than cold feet, and buying the correct pair of socks can make a huge difference. Make sure that you have a wide selection of winter socks this year. Stock up on socks for heavy outdoor activity, like those you would use for fun in the snow, and casual warm socks for a typical winter stroll. These socks should not make your feet too sweaty, since sweat causes your body to feel colder.

Forgetting About Your Footwear

In addition to socks and tights, your choice of shoe or boot is equally important during the harsh winter weather. Forgetting about footwear is one of the top winter wardrobe mistakes to avoid. Low-quality footwear will allow snow and water to soak your feet and cause cold-weather health concerns—like hypothermia and frostbite. Do a routine shoe checkup to look for holes in the sole or top of the shoe. If your footwear looks like it has seen better days and could give out at any moment, it may be time to invest in new shoes or boots.

Workout shoes should provide you with proper support while you exercise, especially if you run. In addition to this support, you will need the shoe to protect your feet from the elements and prevent you from slipping on ice.

The kind of winter boots you purchase depends on your needs and activities. For skiing or snowboarding boots, purchase comfortable boots that keep snow out and fit well into your equipment. When buying boots for fashion, like leather boots, remember that snowy, salty sidewalks often damage the material quickly. Consider easy-to-clean materials that protect you from the elements, like rubber.

When it is time to outfit yourself with the perfect winter wardrobe, keep yourself protected with the most popular brand-name gear from Escape Outdoors. No matter where you go, our selections of coats, jackets, workout gear, and accessories will protect you from whatever you face outdoors.

Top Winter Wardrobe Mistakes To Avoid

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