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October 02, 2020

Maintaining expensive clothing can be a source of anxiety for anyone who does not normally buy name brands with high price tags. If you know how to care for your most valuable garments, they will last you a long time and will continue to look just how they did when you bought them. If you are unsure how to keep upscale fashion golden, we have the tips for taking care of expensive clothing that will put your mind at ease.

Know How and When To Wash Each Article

Washing any article of clothing immediately begins the aging process and causes it to start wearing down. Only wash expensive clothing when necessary. If you don’t sweat in or wear the article often, you may not need to wash it after every use. When it is time to wash your valuable clothing, make sure to read the tag or any washing instructions carefully. You will often need to hand-wash or air dry expensive clothing, so don’t expect cleaning to be a low-effort task.

Whenever you are unsure about a piece of clothing, check the manufacturer’s website for washing instructions. You may also find success with internet reviews and forum posts. Other people have likely had the same experience as you.

Pick the Right Hangers

Regular storage is important for expensive clothing. Hanging your expensive clothing in a dark, dry closet is often the best method for day-to-day storage that prevents wrinkles. The size and shape of your hanger matters. Hangers that are too large for the clothing will stretch the fabric and add unappealing deformities. Invest in some solid wooden hangers with fabric on the ends to prevent clothes from slipping off. Matching the right hanger to the correct article of clothing will help retain the garment’s shape for future use.

Store Seasonal Items Away During the Offseason

Some of the most expensive articles of clothing are seasonal and unusable during certain parts of the year. Stow seasonal coats and jackets in vacuum-sealed garment bags. Once sealed away, you can store them in a larger container for extra safety and keep them deep in your closet. Don’t store them anywhere that may have pests! Even something as small as a moth can be devastating for expensive clothing.

Brush Your Fur Coats

It may seem strange to brush the exterior fur of a winter coat, but it is still one of the necessary tips for taking care of expensive clothing. You can brush any clothing that has fur, including outdoor winter coats. Brush through the fur gently to prevent tangles and remove debris. After wearing the coat, use a lint roller or your fingers to lightly comb the fur to ensure the coat remains silky and soft. Be sure to shake out the hood for debris as well. Often, luxurious designer brands will use fur accents for the hood of a parka—as seen in our collection of Canada Goose apparel at Escape Outdoors.

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