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May 11, 2021

Summer is all about having fun in the sun and making the most of your long days. You can easily combine fun with diligent, hard work by dedicating part of your daily routine to your favorite outdoor workouts. Whether you want to wake up early for a cool morning jog or sweat up a storm in the heat of the afternoon, you’ll have enough time to make it happen during the summer.

Before you start thinking about which outdoor exercises you want to tackle this year, consider these tips for exercising outside in the summer to keep yourself cool and safe while you get fit.

Stay Hydrated

A refillable water bottle is the star of your summer workout routines. You’ll need lots of water to both drink and keep yourself cool when the weather starts to heat up. You should drink water before, during, and after your workout to keep yourself hydrated and healthy. Dehydration during workouts may lead to more cramps, a higher risk of heat exhaustion, and more fatigue.

Set a timer to remind yourself to drink water if you struggle with meeting your daily water intake. How much water you need to drink per day depends on your location and your current health—you’ll need to drink more water if you’re active every day.

Avoid Overheating

One of the most common dangers that fitness enthusiasts face during the summer is the risk of overheating, almost known as heat exhaustion. While staying hydrated can protect you from heat exhaustion, it can strike at any time if you’re not careful—and even if you’re not exercising.

Don’t rely on salt tablets or caffeinated beverages to keep you going throughout the day; both salt and caffeine will dehydrate you. Drink water for an average workout and drink a low-sugar sports drink for an extended outdoor workout.

If you think you’re heading toward heat exhaustion, don’t panic. Check your symptoms and take a rest.

Signs of Heat Exhaustion

You may be suffering from heat exhaustion if you experience the following uncomfortable symptoms:

  • Sweating more than usual
  • Fatigue and sleepiness
  • Unquenchable thirst
  • Faintness
  • Dizziness and wooziness
  • Feeling sick to your stomach
  • Cold chills

If you don’t give yourself proper treatment, these symptoms may develop into heatstroke—which is significantly more severe. You may be experiencing heatstroke if you:

  • Have a high fever
  • Have hot, red, and dry skin
  • Have shallow, weak, rapid breaths and pulse
  • Lose control of your emotions and begin acting irrationally

These symptoms may result in either a seizure or a loss of consciousness if left unaddressed. Both scenarios are extremely dangerous if you work out alone or in remote locations.

What To Do if You Overheat

When you feel the beginning symptoms of heat exhaustion, stop working out and take a breather. Give yourself an hour to recover. Make sure you take a break in a cool place out of the sun. Try to eat something small and take tiny sips of water to ensure you don’t get nauseous. If the symptoms don’t go away after an hour, quit for the day, head home, and call a doctor.

During the break, try to call or message a friend or family member to keep you company if you’re working out alone. They can call emergency services if something happens to you during that hour. If you feel the effects of heatstroke, call an ambulance immediately.

Wear Plenty of Sunscreen

Even though the sun gives our planet life, its rays can prove very damaging for our skin—they can cause sunburn, sun poisoning, and cancers. Before you leave for an outdoor workout, protect your skin with a sweatproof sunscreen of SPF 30 or more. Reapply the sunscreen every two hours or after your workout if you intend to stay outside.

Remember: sunscreen isn’t a replacement for sun protective accessories, such as a hat or sunglasses. If you’re doing an extended workout, stay in the shade and avoid direct sunlight whenever possible.

Work Out During the Morning or Evening

Many people love that summer features long days. You have more time to get in a quick outdoor workout before or after work compared to the winter months. Mornings are the coolest part of any summer day, making them perfect for a comfortable workout.

Evenings, while equally pleasant in temperature, are prime time for bugs. If you can handle swatting away a swarm of mosquitoes while you work out, an evening exercise will prove simple for you.

Shake up Your Routine With Different Locations

You must pick the right location for your summer workouts to avoid pests and the heat. Save a lakeside jog for a dry, cool day instead of a hot, humid day to steer clear of heavy bug activity. The right location in the perfect weather can lengthen your exercise and keep you going strong.

Looking for new locations will also keep you motivated every day. Try to find at least one new workout setting each week to make your routine feel fresh and exciting. On days in which it’s too hot to get a valuable workout outdoors, find a gym or recreational center that will allow you to exercise safely.

Wear Suitable Workout Clothes

This is last on our list of tips for exercising outside in the summer: make sure your wardrobe contains high-quality clothes that work with your body’s natural cooling system to prevent overheating. Choose bright, loose-fitting items that keep the sweat and heat off your body.

Wearing too many layers can trap your body heat and make it harder to regulate your temperature. It’s okay to bring a jacket along just in case, but don’t wear it when it’s hot outside and your body’s radiating heat from exercising.

Whether you’re updating your old wardrobe or searching for the perfect clothes for a fitness novice, Escape Outdoors has you covered with the latest outdoor fashion trends and functional workout gear. Prepare your workout wardrobe for the summer heat and turn heads while you get to work on your fitness goals!

Tips for Exercising Outside in the Summer

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