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October 29, 2020

Winter is the hardest season for fashion and comfort. The temperatures reach bitter lows, and the harsh northern winds howl through the night—it’s enough to make you want to hibernate inside all season. A winter coat should offer a cozy sanctuary as you stroll through snow flurries and down icy sidewalks, all while still displaying your taste in fashion. When it’s time for you to invest in a new winter wardrobe, we have the best tips for choosing a winter jacket that can help you pick the perfect outer layer.

Pick Something Warm and Comfortable

Whenever you begin your search for a warm winter jacket, it’s essential that you value your safety over style, or if possible, find a coat that suits both. Brands will typically display a temperature range on their product pages that indicate what weather their coats function best in, but often, your best resource will be secondhand advice and detailed reviews. Be sure to check which materials line the inside of the jacket and its pockets. A fuzzy fleece-lined coat will protect you from the elements more than an unlined coat.

Choose a Waterproof Jacket

A jacket that prevents water from seeping in will protect you from rain, sleet, and snow. Always check to see if a jacket is waterproof before you make the purchase. Never underestimate the dangerous effects of water during the winter. Clothes that stay dry, even if they don’t seem as warm as non-waterproof options, will save you during hazardous weather. Wet clothes only amplify the harshness of winter cold. A winter jacket should be able to handle all types of weather, not just the dry winter days.

Combine Utility With Style

One of the most useful tips for choosing a winter jacket is to choose something you will want to wear. Name brands are a top pick for winter coats since they can combine the necessary utility required for a winter coat with a sleek sense of style. Pick a reliable jacket that looks stunning and keeps you toasty and warm. Long winter parkas from Escape Outdoors’s collection of Canada Goose apparel are famous for their protection from the elements and their stylish design. Pick a jacket that you can easily pair with winter accessories for extra fashion expression.

Make Sure You Can Add Layers Underneath

As tempting as it may be to purchase a jacket that is tight and form-fitting, that style may not keep you the warmest. Bundling up with extra layers underneath your winter jacket can provide you with added warmth and protection from wind and snow. Wearing layers underneath your cozy winter jacket also provides you with options in case the temperatures warm up.

For any layer of your winter wardrobe, you can rely on our extensive collections of cold-weather gear at Escape Outdoors. We have every brand to suit your outdoor activities and bold sense of style!

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