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November 13, 2020

Whatever you’re planning to do outside this winter, you need to make sure that you’re staying warm and safe. The most essential parts of all your winter outfits are the base layers. Base layers ensure that the insulating layers and shell layer can function properly. It’s vital to understand the importance of wearing base layers; you should know how they protect you and their grand purpose in your wardrobe.

Dry Skin is Warm Skin

The purpose of the skin-tight material that forms the base layer is to keep your skin from becoming sticky with sweat. If you allow sweat to remain on or in your clothing, it can work to cool your body temperature down to dangerous levels. Once your body temperature becomes too low, you will be at risk of getting hypothermia. If stricken with hypothermia, it may be difficult to recover from, even with medical attention.

Waterproof, breathable material works best for the base layer. When you sweat, the waterproof material will evaporate the water droplets quickly to prevent wetness. This will prevent further layers from getting wet and will eliminate the need for removing layers of precious insulation.

Base Layer Warmth

Though much of your warmth in the cold weather will come from your insulated middle layers, the base layer still provides you with some warmth. Skin-tight clothing prevents cold air from getting inside and protects your body heat. If you wear a base layer that stretches down to your hands, your wrists and the space between the glove and coat sleeve will stay protected. The same effect will happen with long underwear or long socks and your ankles, though you are often able to tuck your pants into your boots for warmth.

While it may be tempting to invest in a base layer that provides fleecy comfort, it’s important to remember that you won’t be removing your base layer. You can remove any other layer during a workout, but the base layer must remain unless you have a spare. It’s wiser to focus on the breathability and waterproof ability of the shirt, rather than its coziness.

What To Do if Base Layers Get Wet

If your base layers get wet with sweat, and stay wet, you must remove them immediately when it’s safe to do so. Either stay inside or replace the base layers with dry ones—a sweaty base layer won’t properly do its job.

Escape Outdoors has the top outdoor lifestyle clothing brands who know the importance of wearing base layers when exercising outside. Shop our selection for top comfort and style this winter.

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