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April 17, 2020

Fitness and exercise are some of the main pillars of leading a healthy, well-rounded life. However, many people shy away from regular workouts, believing that they’re simply not the exercising sort. This belief often stems from the fact that they’ve never found a workout routine they enjoy or that suits their individual needs. Luckily, there are several different types of workouts, each with its unique benefits. This guide to the different types of workouts will help you discover the best exercises for yourself and your body.


Endurance exercises, sometimes also referred to as cardio or aerobic exercises, aim to increase breathing and heart rate throughout the course of the workout. Endurance exercises are among the most important, as they can impact multiple functions throughout your body. Regular endurance exercise can help lower blood pressure, decrease blood sugar levels, and relax blood vessel walls. Not to mention, it can also help burn fat and improve your mental state. Endurance exercise can come in many forms, and most endurance exercises can be adapted to suit a variety of skill levels. As an added bonus, most endurance exercises are easily adaptable to the outdoors. Take a brisk walk around your neighborhood, jog around a local park, or plan a hiking expedition in a nearby forest preserve. Just be sure that you’re well prepared for whatever Mother Nature may throw at you! Spring may be in full swing, but the Pacific Northwest tends to stay quite cool and damp throughout the season. Outfitting yourself in apparel from a reliable outdoor clothing brand, such as Arc’Teryx clothing, will ensure that you stay warm and comfortable throughout your entire outdoor endurance exercise.


Whereas most endurance exercises seek to help people slim down, many strength exercises have the opposite intent. Strength exercises are often effective in toning or increasing muscle mass. Regular strength training can also help improve bone growth, reduce pain in joints, and lower blood sugar. Strength training can be quite an intensive process, so it’s best to increase reps and weight slowly over time. A good place to begin your strength training is with push-ups and resistance bands. Mastering these exercises will put you in a better position to succeed when it comes time to add additional weights to the routine. Strength training can also go beyond upper body exercises. Exercising all muscles in your body is the best way to ensure a well-rounded fitness routine. Squats and lunges are great strength training exercises that engage your legs, glutes, and core simultaneously.


Flexibility is extremely important, as it can significantly impact your performance in both strength and endurance exercises. When it comes to flexibility exercises, it’s best to remember that a little goes a long way. It’s a commonly held belief that your exercise isn’t working unless you can feel the burn. However, this is not the case for flexibility workouts. Extreme pain when stretching is a sign that you’re overdoing it, which can increase the potential for muscle strain or further injury. Take things slowly, and over time, you will begin to see significant results.

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