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July 30, 2021

Style doesn’t have to come to a full stop when you need to put on a workout jacket or break out an extra layer—in fact, the extra layer of outerwear can make your fashion sense shine even brighter than before! Men have plenty of opportunities to look good while feeling comfortable on chilly days or while working out in the morning, especially with the trends that have broken out this year. Make your presence known by dazzling friends and strangers alike with some of the best in men’s outerwear fashion for 2021 and break the mold with style this year.

Light, Airy Button-Ups

During the warm weather seasons, it can be a little difficult to find excuses for wearing any extra layers—especially during a heatwave. Luckily, by wearing a bright, breezy button-up and rolling up the sleeves, you can stay cool and look stylish, even in the summer. It’s the perfect outfit for a walk on the beach or a sunset stroll through town.

Try pairing a pastel button-up with your favorite V-neck for a dreamy, beachy look.

Bring the 90s Back With Jean Jackets and Patches

Nostalgia is all the rage in TV shows, music, and fashion right now. If you yearn for the days of denim domination during the 80s and 90s, now’s your chance to relive a little piece of fashion history. Bring out the jean jacket or buy your very own jean trucker jacket for a durable, customizable piece of outerwear that is sure to keep the memories of summer bonfires alive the day after.

For a carefree, punk aesthetic, sew on some patches to complement your personality and style.

Find a Leather Jacket Style That’s Perfect for You

Cool summer nights and long drives with the windows rolled all the way down call for an iconic leather jacket to complete the mood. With so many styles of leather jackets, one will fit you and your body style perfectly no matter what vibes you want to radiate. Need some inspiration? Try one of these leather jacket styles:

  • Racer jackets
  • Motorcycle and biker jackets
  • Field jackets
  • Flight jackets
  • Trench coats
  • Quilted leather jackets
  • Leather blazers

Each leather jacket style matches a different aesthetic, so be sure to try multiple styles before settling on one to pair with your designer sunglasses.

Form-Fitting Base Layers and Half-Zip Jackets

If you’re invested in the fitness grind, your choice in outerwear must reflect your lifestyle. Even though base layers are skintight, wearing them on their own provides you a protective outerwear style that you can work out in. Let your base layer show off your torso if you worked hard to achieve a body type that you love—you’ve earned it.

Half-zip light jackets are also tight on the torso and can have the same effect as a base layer with a little more warmth. If it’s a cool morning or a brisk evening, work out in a breathable, brand-name half-zip to give yourself another layer without sacrificing the fit aesthetic.

Complement your love for exercise with a look that shows off your hard work—base layers and tight half-zip jackets let your body breathe while you stay on the grind.

Break Out the Letterman and Bomber Jackets

Other nostalgic styles of jackets that are making a comeback are the classic letterman jacket and the trendy bomber jacket. These famous pieces of outerwear will make your style look like it belongs in a movie—decorating the local jock or covering the main character as he walks away from an explosion. Both jackets are on the heavier side, so you may want to wait until fall to break them out of the closet. But once you do, you’ll make an unforgettable statement wherever you take them.

Get ready for your action scene with a sporty letterman or a bold bomber jacket.

Don’t Let the Rain Wash You Out—Find a Rain Jacket

Getting wet in the rain is definitely not a 2021 fashion statement. If you want to stay dry during the rainy season and need more than just an umbrella, complete your trek through the downpour with a hardy outfit to handle it. Waterproof rain jackets mix style with functionality as your torso stays dry through the most intense rain. Find one that fits you to keep appearances up while you splash through puddles and outrun thunder.

Turn a damp, awkward moment in the rain into a romantic, rainy rendezvous by sharing a rain jacket with your date.

Mix Comfort and Fashion with Sweatpants

After wearing sweatpants every day during lockdowns and quarantines, you may think that fashion has no room for your favorite sweats anymore. The truth about sweatpants as a staple in the best in men’s outerwear fashion for 2021 is that it truly depends on what you’re doing when wearing them—not the sweatpants themselves. Sweatpants at the gym, when combined with your base layer, will give you eye-candy status no matter who you pass by.

Whether you work out in sweats or wear them on top of your shorts, you’ll be sure to turn heads when you walk by wearing them.

Prepare for Cool Weather With a Puffer Jacket or Vest

As the year reaches its conclusion in the fall and winter, some trends are bound to stick around in the world of outerwear. One such trend is the beloved fashion puffer jacket. When worn correctly, this classic coat, vest, or jacket keeps you cozy and fashionable. With a splash of fur or fleece, puffer jackets drip opulence and style.

Don’t be afraid to add a little bit of comfortable bulkiness to your outfit with a puffer jacket or vest!

Fashion is a constantly changing, sometimes cycling, element of today’s culture. It represents our daily lives and our tastes; if you don’t keep up, you may fall behind. Stay on top of the best of today’s latest outerwear trends by browsing the collection of men’s outdoor fashion from Escape Outdoors. Our fashion experts pick the best selections from your most trusted brands and bring them all to one convenient location for easy access.

The Best in Men’s Outerwear Fashion for 2021

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