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October 05, 2020

Being fashion-forward is not just a hobby; it’s a lifestyle. The perfect style can boost your confidence and give you a vision of your beautiful body that you may not have thought existed. Fashion does not have to be limited to the high standards of a city-living beauty—you can find style and fashion in any other lifestyle, even the outdoorsy kinds. With these style tips every woman should know, you can go out on the town with pride in your stride and turn some heads.

Organize Your Wardrobe Often

The first tip you need to hear—but may not want to hear—is to organize your wardrobe! To fully refresh your style, you need to know what you are starting with. Pick out any clothing that you no longer wear or no longer fits you, and either donate it or toss it.

Once you’ve gone through your entire wardrobe, it is time to sort it all to make it easier to organize in the future. Pick an organization method that will enable you to wear all your clothes and make new fashion choices. You can organize by color, style, or season; whatever your sorting method is, make sure it is easy to add to.

Setting aside outfits for each day of the week may help you keep tabs on your wardrobe. If you notice that you stay away from particular clothes when making outfits, find a solution. For a piece of clothing that you enjoy, buy something to match it in an outfit. If it is not enjoyable, do not keep it.

Stay up To Date on Trends

While following trends isn’t the only way to become a fashion icon, it can help you get started. Pay attention to what celebrities are wearing or what is popular on social media. If you enjoy a trend, try it! Don’t simply dismiss trends just because they are trends—that way of thinking can leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Something became a trend for a good reason, and trying it out can help you learn why. Think of trends as a steppingstone for the world of fashion.

Always be wary of any unknown brands attempting to market cheap lookalikes of trendy fashion pieces—they are often too good to be true. Stick to well-known brands or trusted retailers, such as Escape Outdoors.

Keep It Seasonal

As the seasons change, so do the styles. It may be sad to put away your cute summer dresses after Labor Day, but to move on to autumn fashion, you must let go. For fall, pull out the casual jackets, boots, and jeans. Fashion items that you wear all year will have less of an impact than seasonal items, especially if you see the same people every day. That first time you wear a seasonal outfit during the year can leave a lasting impression in others’ minds.

Be Stylish—Even Outside!

Seasonal fashion can easily translate to outdoor fashion—especially as the weather gets colder. Even a winter coat can combine high fashion with comfort. Consider what you will be wearing to workouts or outdoor activities as well. Don’t sacrifice fashion and style for an outdoor workout! Pick workout outfits that look good together as well as on you. Outdoorsy outfits for hiking can define your rugged, outback style while still flattering you.

Our women’s outdoor fashion collection at Escape Outdoors offers a large selection of big-name brands and the sleekest styles for any outdoor season or activity.

Consider What Looks Best on You

All clothes will look different on each person—different body types, hair color, or skin tone will affect how you see yourself in outfits. Pick outfits that you feel comfortable wearing. You will be the best judge of your appearance in most cases—especially when it comes to comfort. If you struggle with knowing what looks best on you, consider enlisting the help of a trusted friend. Their honest fashion advice will let you know what works and what does not.

Dare To Take Risks

Though comfortable fashion choices are important, they will rarely garner stunned stares and compliments. One of the most important style tips every woman should know is to take a fashion risk every so often to spice up your wardrobe. A bold fashion choice can be anything from a loud pattern to mismatched styles. If you work in an office, try wearing something more formal for work than you usually wear. The goal of risky fashion choices is to get attention. Some people will not understand your fashion decisions, and that is okay. You are the one telling a story with your outfits, not them. Imagine that you are the canvas for your clothes, which together form a work of art.

Bold style decisions are best to make after you gain traction with your personal style. If you are known for always wearing black and suddenly wear pink one day, you will draw attention from anyone who knows you.

Don’t Forget the Accessories!

The most exciting part of fashion is finding the right accessories that perfectly match your outfits. Outfits that seemed incomplete can suddenly feel stellar with just a couple of accessories. Try to find accessories that will work well in multiple outfits to avoid cluttering your closet. Black or neutral-colored accessories are always a good idea to have on-hand since they work well into many different styles. Every woman needs a pair of little black pumps that can go with any outfit. Find a purse that is both functional and fashionable for every day, but keep a few extra purses in your closet for special occasions.

Outdoor accessories can be stylish backpacks, boots, or hats. When trying to find essential gear for outdoor activities that suits your style while remaining functional, it might seem difficult. However, our collection of women’s accessories offers a wide variety of outdoor gear that will enhance any outdoor outfit.

Women’s fashion is constantly changing and evolving, and if you don’t keep up, you can feel left behind. Keep on the lookout for new designer products each season so that you never miss out on a piece of clothing that you adore. When you love what you wear, you’ll love who you are and gain confidence to keep you energized. Escape Outdoors is happy to be your go-to fashion boutique for any stylish outdoor clothing you need in your wardrobe.

Style Tips Every Woman Should Know

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