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February 17, 2020

Many people often find themselves hanging onto clothing they haven’t worn in years, just waiting for the day that one piece of clothing will come in handy again. This tendency to hoard old clothing can make curating a wardrobe you love very hard. Rather than scrounging through your current options and settling on a subpar ensemble that’s stuck in the past, consider upending your wardrobe entirely. Upgrading your wardrobe to include on-trend clothing pieces that adhere to your personal style will make fashion fun for you again, and you’ll find choosing an outfit every day much easier. To help you get started on your journey, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top signs you need to upgrade your wardrobe.

Trends have changed

Fashion is highly cyclical, and trends can change in the blink of an eye. Staying on the cutting edge of fashion can be tricky, but there’s no reason you should have to wear outdated items. If you find clothing items in your closet from several decades prior, they’re probably out of date, and your closet could likely do with an upgrade. There’s also a good chance you haven’t worn those items in several years and that they no longer serve a purpose besides cluttering up your closet. Staying up to date on fashion trends will give you a clearer idea of which items should stay and which should go as well as provide you with more direction regarding the new items you should purchase.

You notice signs wear and tear

Significant wear and tear on your clothing is one of the most noticeable signs you need to upgrade your wardrobe. Getting rid of your favorite pieces can be difficult, but if you’ve worn them to their limits, it may be time to kiss those pieces goodbye. Replace threadbare clothing or items with noticeable stains first, as they can appear unprofessional and unkempt. Some telltale signs that a clothing item has reached the end of its life include pilling, frayed hems, and thinner fabric in areas such as the knees, buttocks, and inseams. When you replace these items, try to choose pieces that are of higher quality than the old item. Higher-quality items are more durable and won’t wear out as quickly, so you’ll be able to keep these items in your arsenal for a long time.

You’ve undergone a lifestyle change

As you move through life, you’ll likely undergo several significant lifestyle changes. These changes may come in many different forms. Perhaps you’ve started a new job, lost a significant amount of weight, recently become pregnant, or decided to adopt a more active lifestyle. Whatever the situation may be, you’ll need to adjust your wardrobe accordingly. For instance, if you’ve recently adopted a more adventurous lifestyle, you should supplement your wardrobe with items conducive to your activity of choice. Consider upgrading your wardrobe with high-quality outerwear from reliable, fashion-forward brands such as Kuhl. Kuhl outdoor clothing will enable you to roll with any lifestyle changes while remaining at the height of fashion.

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