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December 04, 2020

Staying active during the winter means outfitting yourself with the best gear that will keep you safe and warm while you burn off fat and build muscle. Even if you think you’re already prepared for the long winter ahead, it’s best to double-check the status of your current winter workout clothes before the negative temperatures stick around for good. Knowing the sure signs it’s time to replace your winter workout clothes will tip you off to when they’re about to lose their effect and lessen the productivity of your workouts.

They’re Stretched Out

Workout clothes are typically stretchy on their own, but after you’ve worn and washed them enough, they’ll start to lose that elasticity that’s so necessary for workout gear. Replace worn and stretched out workout clothes. Loose base layers are extremely dangerous for winter workouts, as the freezing air can seep under your sleeves and into the loose air pockets. It may be okay for your middle layers to be a little stretched out, but your base layer needs to remain tight to your body.

You See the Signs of Age

Clothes aren’t meant to last forever, so you shouldn’t pretend that they’re irreplaceable. Once you notice that your clothes are damaged or heavily stained, it’s time to replace them. Damaged workout clothes lose their function, especially when the piece of clothing is meant to support your body during exercise. Damaged sports bras and workout shoes may not support your body as effectively as they should and will likely cause pain during your workout.

They Hurt To Wear

No matter how new your workout gear is, if it hurts you when you workout in it, you should replace it. If it’s a problem of not having broken in the gear yet, give it a few more uses. However, if the gear continues to give you blisters or doesn’t do its job, it’s better to leave the items in the closet or return them while you find a replacement. The issue may also be that you need to purchase a size up or a size down—pay attention to exactly where the pain is coming from when you wear the clothes.

You Just Don’t Like Them Anymore

Part of a healthy workout lies in your mindset, and if your clothes are no longer motivating you to push yourself, then it might be time to find a replacement. New workout gear provides you with fresh motivation and self-esteem, especially if you’ve made weight-loss progress and are sizing down. Old clothes may hold old memories, and their psychological effect can take a hold of your workout too. A new winter may mean a new approach to workouts, so treat yourself to some new clothes.

Once you start seeing these signs it’s time to replace your winter workout clothes, it’s important to act quickly to keep your workout wardrobe stocked with the essentials. At Escape Outdoors, our women’s and men’s outdoor fashion collections will keep your workouts cozy and refreshing, even during a brutal winter.

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