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March 15, 2021

Without the right workout clothes, your exercise routine would look vastly different. Workout clothing optimizes your exercising efficiency while keeping you comfortable with hydrophobic materials. By wearing well-fitting athletic wear, you get more out of your workouts and stay active for longer.

Whether you’re indecisive about replacing your old workout gear or want to begin a new workout routine and don’t know where to start with your clothes, these reasons to get new workout wear will give you the push you need to start shopping.

Your Old Workout Wear Is Worn Out

The most common reason you might find yourself perusing different shops and websites for new workout clothes is that you haven’t updated your workout wardrobe in a while. If you’re holding onto damaged, worn, or stretched-out exercise attire, find new workout clothes as soon as possible.

Working out every day takes a toll on your clothing. When you notice holes, stretched fabric, stretched elastic, or discoloration, start searching for replacements. Depending on how often you work out and the quality of the materials, your clothes may only last a year. If you work out infrequently, you may find that your exercise clothes last longer.

Clothes To Match the Workout

Maintaining a balanced workout routine requires various activities that exercise your entire body. Branching out into new activities and workouts may mean that you need to find the right clothes to match. While jogging shorts and a tank top may work well for a jog, you may want stretchy, formfitting leggings for yoga so that you can feel comfortable as you shift between poses and relax your body. Lacking the proper clothes for a specific workout is like forgetting your equipment for a sports practice.

Workout Clothes To Match the Season

Just as you need to shift your regular wardrobe around between each season, the same concept applies to your workout wardrobe. Seasons affect both fashion trends and the function of your workout clothes, so stay on the lookout for any updates you can make to your clothing collection.

If you don’t want to update your active gear every season, focus on the two big ones: summer and winter. Many spring and fall outfits will be a combination of the two seasons’ clothing, though some pieces will help you get through specific spring or fall weather.

Make sure to update your wardrobe with the following seasonal staples:


Spring weather is all about vitality and renewal. You’ll undergo your own metamorphosis as you gradually shed winter workout layers and slim down to summer attire. The temperatures may fluctuate—especially during the early months—so you’ll want to keep some light layers nearby if you exercise outdoors. Include a light fleece, a hydrophobic base layer, and a rain jacket in your wardrobe for your own comfort.


Even when the dog days of summer arrive, you can’t take a break from your workout routine. Dress appropriately for the hottest days of summer by wearing light, breathable materials that keep the sweat off your body. You’ll finally get to break out your favorite outdoor T-shirts and tanks as you stay fit in the heat. Keep your rain jacket at the ready for any rainy days that pop up—just don’t exercise in a thunderstorm.


Slowly begin your workout wardrobe’s transition to winter over the course of fall. The autumn season is the perfect opportunity to ensure your shoes have proper traction—especially if you’re running or jogging on nature paths with fallen leaves. Much like spring, you should have a rain jacket or windbreaker for chilly, rainy days.


The season that requires the most preparation when it comes to buying new clothes is winter. Winter workout wardrobes need plenty of layers and warm accessories to fight off frostbite. You may also participate in winter sports, such as skiing or snowboarding, that require specialty clothing.

Finding new winter workout clothes might seem especially daunting if you’ve never experienced a cold, snowy winter before; it’s better to overestimate how many layers you’ll need than to underestimate. You can always remove layers as necessary.

New Clothes for a New Body Type

As you work out, you strive closer and closer to your personal ideal body type. If you’re losing weight or putting on muscle, you may stop fitting into the same workout clothes you’ve been wearing. Buying new workout wear not only helps you work out more efficiently, but it will also motivate you to keep meeting your goals. The clothes work as a physical reminder of your progress as you maintain or move toward your long-term fitness goals.

A Self-Esteem Boost

When clothes make you feel good, you feel unstoppable during any activity—even an intense workout. Drops in morale happen to the best of us; finding ways to make yourself look fashionable while exercising can keep your spirits high after your lowest lows. Buying new clothes can help you make a better impression on yourself in the mirror and energize you for your active life.

Because You Want To!

The most important of our essential reasons to get new workout wear is simple: you want new workout wear. Shopping can be fun—especially shopping for clothes. Because working out isn’t something you need to look at your best for, you can afford to try new styles and colors that you can’t with your regular wardrobe.

Whether you’re rewarding yourself for a successful month of exercise or buying because you have extra room in the budget, you should always allow yourself to have some of the cute, trendy, or sleek workout clothing that you want.

Motivating yourself to search for new indoor and outdoor exercise wear can feel like a hassle if you don’t know where to start. Make it easy on yourself by searching through the stylish collections at Escape Outdoors. We handpick the perfect brands and gear for your outdoor, active lifestyle and switch the inventory around throughout the seasons. Search for perfectly fitting activewear, and let us help you patch any of the holes in your wardrobe this spring.

Reasons To Get New Workout Wear

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