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May 26, 2022

Each and every season, people update their wardrobes to prepare for new styles. Some looks are timeless additions to any summer wardrobe, while others are taking off as iconic 2022 attire. Finding the perfect outfit for this warm, relaxing season is sometimes a challenge—with layering and a clear color palette, it’s far easier to create interesting fits in the fall and winter. However, we at Escape Outdoors have your back and want to take the stress out of dressing trendy this summer. As you make space in your closet for something new, use this ultimate men’s clothing guide for the dog days of 2022.

Securing a Style

There are a few different summer styles for men to pick from when building their wardrobe. You can draw inspiration from all of them, just a few, or focus solely on one look. Ultimately, you have to find which vibe fits your comfort level and preferences the most. So what are these styles?


Summer is a time for outdoor activities, so naturally, many men dress more athletically compared to their winter outfits. These fits typically include workout shorts or thin joggers, form-fitting tees or tank-tops, and running or lifestyle kicks. More relaxed athletic looks often feature slides and taller, white socks. This style is useful because it allows you to be more active without becoming a sweaty mess. Plus, with the right combinations, these outfits will suit the effortlessly casual and clean look of 2022.

Beach Boy

Who doesn’t love spending a warm summer day wasting away on the beach? This California surfer style remains one of the more popular summer looks for its practicality and personality. The 2022 beach boy look should include shorts, fun graphic tees, skate-style shoes, tall socks, and mesh-backed or bucket hats. Boardshorts and chinos are especially popular, as are thin layers such as light flannels or crew-neck sweaters. However, these layers aren’t suitable for sweltering temperatures.

Summer Formal

The formal summer style is a stark contrast to a beach boy look in that it prioritizes elegance and neatness. Formal outfits in this season are more relaxed than their winter alternatives as you have to ditch heavy layers typically associated with upscale clothing. Instead of blazers and dress pants, opt for nice khaki shorts, rayon or linen button-downs, and hybrid dress/lifestyle shoes. Summer formal isn’t a look for every day, but it’s a solid option if you want to look neat without sweating to death.

These are just three options to consider when creating your perfect summer fit. We recommend experimenting with different combinations until you find the preferred style. Once you feel comfortable with your decision, you can focus on building up your wardrobe. But first, let’s explore more of the fine details of men’s summer fashion.

Finding Your Fabric

Every season has certain clothing fabrics that are the most practical and trendy. Thick materials like flannel and wool are best during the winter, spring is all about moisture-wicking synthetics, and fall is when fleece truly shines. Summer fabrics are typically light, breathable, and thin.


Cotton is popular for tees and button-down dress shirts, specifically 100% cotton or cotton blends. Cotton is loose, similar to linen, and wrinkles less than other fabrics. It’s also great for absorbing moisture and helping you deal with sweat. Avoid wearing cotton for working out as sweat can show, especially in thick, light-colored shirts and clothing.


Linen is among the most popular summer fabrics for its soft feel and thin build. Linen pants, shirts, shorts, and suits are all very trendy during this season and look even better when combined together in one whole outfit! The open-weave design of this material helps heat escape the body, especially in humid climates. Always opt for higher quality linen so you can ensure your clothing looks great for many years to come.


Rayon utilizes a semi-synthetic cellulosic fiber that’s adapted for use in many different industries. You’ll find rayon in bedding, surgical equipment, curtains, and of course, clothing! This fabric is like the summer cousin of fleece—it’s lab-produced, very structured, and exceptionally breathable. Unlike fleece, rayon helps eliminate body heat instead of insulating it for added warmth. This summer’s trendiest rayon clothing option is a short-sleeve button-down with a vintage collar and complex colors or patterns.

Get Colorful

Each and every season also has its own color scheme. Fall and winter prioritize darker, muted colors, while spring and summer promote bright and lively colors. So what are summer colors? Pastels are best saved for the spring, but similar colors (lilac, salmon, yellow) work well in the summer.

The most popular hues are navy and royal blues, whites, tans, and green. Instead of including a few pops of color in your outfit, summer styles incorporate more complex color schemes. Incorporating a wide array of colors helps your style match the vibe of this season.

Pro Tip

Don’t forget to include denim this summer! Jean shorts are incredibly popular and work well in relaxed outfits with simple patterns. Combine your “jorts” with a loose tee and skater-style shoes. You can where more formal sandals for a grainier look.


Creating a trendy outfit is easier in the fall and winter, thanks in part to layers. Jackets, coats, and other tops help add depth and personality to your look, something that’s not always possible during a hot summer season. As such, it’s important to spice up your fit with fun accessories!

Get creative with jewelry, like rings and watches. These items can add more pops of color and help tie the entire ensemble together. Stock up on a few headwear styles, like trucker hats, sun hats, ball caps, pork pie hats, and bucket hats. These items can help dress up or down an outfit and protect your face and neck from UV rays.

Avoid the stress of trying to dress trendily this summer by using this men’s clothing guide as inspiration for building your seasonal wardrobe. Remember to find the styles that fit your preferences and comfort levels the best, regardless of the items you purchase.

If you need more help finding the perfect additions to your look, check out our excellent collection here at Escape Outdoors. If you find yourself in Washington state this summer, we’d love to see you at our outdoor clothing store in beautiful Bellevue!

Men’s Clothing Guide: How To Dress Trendy This Summer

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