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October 02, 2020

The blazing hot days of summer are finally behind us, and it’s time to pull out our fall wardrobes. It can be a struggle every season to transition your entire wardrobe, but doing so will keep all your items organized and easily accessible. If you have trouble stowing away seasonal clothing, we have advice on how to transition from a summer to fall wardrobe that you can’t ignore.

Set Aside Hot Weather Clothes

There are some clothes you can get away with leaving in your fall wardrobe, but there will be some others that you know you will not wear during cold weather. If you have plans for how you can make shorts or tank tops work in the fall, keep them around. However, if you know that you won’t wear a seasonal article of clothing as the weather cools, it’s time to stow it away. Put clothes that are too summery in a separate box or the back of your closet.

Add Layers To Your Wardrobe

If there are certain summer items you’d like to keep all year round, add layers to them to spruce them up for fall. A cardigan can work perfectly with a tank top, and leggings can fit under dresses and shorts. Layered clothing is your friend when the weather fluctuates. Warm weather during the day will allow for lighter clothing, while you can remedy cool night temperatures with snuggly sweaters or jackets.

Wear Darker, Dramatic Colors

When you want to match the mood of autumn, just consider which colors you see occurring naturally on the trees and in the harvest. Dark reds, browns, greens, and oranges will display fall in your wardrobe best. However, dark navy blue can also give the cozy fall feeling you crave. Changing up the colors you wear is one of the more obvious things you can do to transition from a summer to fall wardrobe. However, if traditional fall colors are the opposite of the colors you normally prefer, you may be faced with some hard decisions. Luckily, black and gray are also staples of a fall wardrobe and look good on anyone!

Prepare for Fall and Winter Activities

Consider which outdoor activities you do in fall and winter, and make sure that you still have the proper equipment and clothing ready for them. Make sure that all your outdoor clothes still fit and do not have any outrageous damage. It’s best to fix any issues before you gear up for your outdoor adventures. Make sure you have boots for hiking through mud and snow and a sturdy coat to match.

Escape Outdoors displays a vast collection of fall and winter clothing to suit the needs of your adventures. Our assortment of Kuhl outdoor clothing provides a wide selection of autumnal gear to prepare you for any fall weather.

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