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March 09, 2021

With winter finally on its way out the door, you can begin thinking about your spring wardrobe. Whether you plan on exercising outdoors in the crisp spring air or dressing up for walks in the park, you need to change your wardrobe to reflect the new season. Make your outfits easy to plan and start spring off on the right foot by learning how to switch your winter wardrobe to your spring wardrobe in the most effective and efficient way.

Start With Some Spring Cleaning

Before you start filling your closet, dresser, or wardrobe with seasonal attire, go through your old clothes and start sorting them. Set aside any clothes that are too old, damaged, or ill-fitting. Once you’re finished switching your wardrobe to spring, you can either discard or donate the clothes that don’t fit into any seasonal wardrobe.

With all your clothes neatly folded and organized, you can start putting the clothes away in totes or boxes. Label the totes and store them on the floor of your closet, in a clean storage room, or in an unused closet in your home.

Stowing Away Winter Clothes

As you sort through your clothes, you’ll find some pieces that you definitely won’t need during the spring weather, even if there is a cold snap. Those articles of clothing, such as heavy wool sweaters, can go into storage.

You can repurpose many pieces of winter clothing into cozy early spring looks. Keep the multifunctional items in your wardrobe close at hand to use as a top or bottom layer for warmer outfits.

Layers: A Spring Essential

Now, you can begin pulling out your spring wardrobe and filling your closet with your favorite outfits for rainy days, blooming blossoms, and breezy afternoons. The weather may not warm up until the end of spring, but you never know how the temperatures will behave. You may experience a freezing cold morning that turns into a pleasantly warm and sunny afternoon—and how do you dress for that? The best answer for fluctuating spring weather is to wear layers.

Layers look good on anyone during the springtime; whether you want to show off the classic combination of a dress shirt beneath a V-neck or add a cardigan to basically any outfit, you’ll be both fashionable and comfortable at any temperature.

Wherever you go, take a sweater with you in case the weather cools off—or someone jumps on the air conditioning way too early. A Patagonia Better Sweater outfit from Escape Outdoors goes with just about anything in your wardrobe and will keep you warm during the awkward phase of spring.

Active Wear for Outdoor Workouts

While the mix of cool and warm temperatures may be difficult to plan for, it’s perfect weather for exercising outdoors. When figuring out how to switch your winter wardrobe to your spring wardrobe, consider these important workout essentials:

Winter Layers

You’ll stow away most of your heavy winter clothing, but some workout clothes you use in the wintertime can stick around. While layers are perfect for fashion and casual comfort, layers for workouts are far less necessary than they were during the freezing winter weather. Your winter workout coat can hide away until next season. Replace your heavy winter outer layer with a light, breathable spring jacket. Take out most of your winter middle layers—leave a few in case of some straggling snow flurries or freezing temperatures late into the season.

Most of your wintertime base layers function perfectly as springtime workout gear on their own. Keep the base layers in your wardrobe for beautiful, cool spring days or early season mountain hikes. They’ll also keep you warm underneath your light jacket, especially with an extra layer thrown in.


Early spring may not be warm enough for shorts, but you’ll want to move a few pairs of athletic shorts to your wardrobe for sudden high temperatures. When you’ve been working out in frigid temperatures for so long, any temperature above 50 degrees may feel like balmy shorts weather to you.


Don’t forget to check your workout shoes before the first run of the season. You may have to put away your winter workout shoes and bring out spring workout shoes—or you may keep the same shoes for both seasons’ workouts. Check the quality of your shoes to ensure that you have firm support as you run. Shoes without proper support can lead to foot, leg, and back pain.

Switching Your Business Casual Clothing To Spring

As offices start opening again across the country this year and next, you’ll need to take a good look at your business casual clothes. Ensure that your clothes fit before placing anything back in your wardrobe.

Bring out the floral prints for spring—whether that means you want to spotlight your office-friendly floral dresses or an elegant floral tie is up to you. Spring is all about bright colors! Brighten everyone’s day around the workplace by wearing your favorite pastels and spring colors.

It may be a little too early in the season to wear a dress to work every day—especially if you aren’t going to the office—so it’s important to keep warm leggings and a jacket that matches your outfits in your wardrobe.

You can keep your long-sleeve dress shirts nearby; it’s not warm enough for polos yet. Bring out some of your favorite polos to keep you looking forward to late spring and summer weather.

Replace and Refresh Your Wardrobe for Spring

The main theme of spring is renewal, which may be what your wardrobe needs. If you have to say goodbye to a piece of clothing that no longer fits, treat yourself to a new piece to replace it. Buy a few new clothing items to stay up to date on today’s fashion trends and to make sure you don’t have to replace everything all at once. You may buy clothes more than once a year—but if you’re not one to shop for clothes too often, make sure you do it at least once a year in spring.

Switching your wardrobe doesn’t have to be a long, arduous task. Keep your current lifestyle and hobbies in mind when making the switch—staying organized during the transition can prevent clutter and leave room for new clothes. If you need clothes to match your outdoor lifestyle or a new spring jacket for the season, browse through our carefully curated selection of clothes and accessories at Escape Outdoors.

How To Switch Your Winter Wardrobe To Your Spring Wardrobe

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