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March 31, 2020

The Pacific Northwest hits its rainy season much sooner than much of the United States. The drizzle begins in February and stretches throughout April. While the rain may put a slight damper on some outdoor activities, residents of the region know better than to let a little water ruin their day. Duty calls, and sometimes you must brave the storm. These tips for how to survive in the rain when traveling on transit will help you stay warm and dry during your daily commute.

Bundle up, head to toe

The best tip for how to survive in the rain when traveling on transit is to bundle up as much as possible. Water has a sneaky habit of finding its way through even the tiniest openings, so invest in high-quality rain gear before venturing out into the storm. Rain boots and water-resistant headgear are absolute musts and will keep you warm and dry throughout your entire commute. A trench coat-style rain jacket is also a great option for keeping the rain at bay. The longer the trench coat, the less likely rain will ruin your clothes, so try to choose a jacket that covers your knees or—at the very least—your behind.

If the thought of carrying an umbrella on public transit is simply too much to bear, be sure that your rain jacket comes equipped with a sturdy hood. As the Pacific Northwest’s rainy season spans several months and seasons, you may also consider choosing a versatile rain jacket that can adapt to various temperatures. The North Face Women’s Arrowood Triclimate Jacket, for instance, is a 3-in-1 jacket that can fit many different weather conditions. The innermost fleece liner jacket will keep you warm during the early months of the rainy season and is protected by a waterproof membrane on the outside. As the weather warms up, you can remove the inner layer and wear the waterproof shell solo, allowing you to brave the rain—no matter the temperature. At Escape Outdoors, we offer a wide variety of North Face apparel, including the Arrowood Triclimate Jacket, to keep you warm and dry throughout the entire rainy season.

Weatherproof your belongings

When dealing with such a long and temperamental rainy season, always prepare. Weatherproofing your belongings in anticipation of the upcoming rainy season will ensure that none of your belongings are ruined by the rain. You can protect your boots, gloves, and hats using a waterproof spray or solution. Beeswax is also a popular and effective option for waterproofing shoes, as it helps wick away water immediately. For items that cannot be waterproofed, it’s best to protect them in a water-resistant bag. Storing your items in a water-resistant bag or backpack will ensure that all belongings are kept dry during your commute. Take extra precautions with electronic items and store them in sealed bags prior to placing them in your waterproof backpack.

Pack back-ups

Mother nature is highly unpredictable and mishaps can occur to even the most prepared individuals. Packing a few back-up necessities will ensure that you’re never left high and dry during the rainiest part of the year. Socks and gloves are some of the most essential back-up items to keep in your arsenal. You may also consider keeping a few sheets of newspaper handy to help dry out shoes after a particularly damp commute.


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