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August 03, 2020

Hiking can be a great outdoor activity for children and adults of all ages. Not only is it a spectacular way to connect with nature, but it can also serve as a great form of exercise. Whether you’re gearing up for your first or fiftieth hiking expedition, it’s always best to be prepared. Depending on the length and level of your adventure, you may need to make a few extra preparations in order to ensure that your hike progresses as smoothly and safely as possible. This guide for how to prepare for a hiking adventure will ensure that you’ll always be ready, no matter where the trails take you.

Suit up

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when preparing for a hiking adventure is to dress for the task at hand. It’s best to choose clothing items that are comfortable for strenuous activity and that will provide adequate protection against the elements. Lightweight layers are often the best choice for an extended hiking adventure. Outfitting yourself in light layers provides ample warmth and protection should you encounter wind or rain and can be easily shed once the sun comes out and you work up a sweat. It’s also best to choose clothing items that are durable and can easily withstand whatever Mother Nature throws your way. You should don durable and comfortable athletic shoes or hiking boots, as well, and be sure to break them in well in advance of your adventure. At Escape Outdoors, we offer a wide selection of men’s and women’s outdoor fashion items to ensure that you’re always properly outfitted for your next outdoor adventure.

Stock your pack

A sturdy backpack is an essential item for any hiking expedition. Regardless of the length of your journey, you should always ensure that your pack is well-stocked with food, fresh water, and a small first-aid kit. Depending on the level and length of your expedition, you may choose to include a few other items as well. A dry change of clothes is always a smart addition, particularly if you plan on hiking during a rainy season. If your hiking trip will become an overnight affair, you will also need to pack a tent or sleeping bag, a flashlight, and tools to start a fire. Packing a compass and extra map is also smart. In the event you become lost or your map is damaged, you will have a backup at the ready.

Mentally and physically prepare

Hiking can be a relaxing way to escape into nature, but it can also put your physical fitness level to the test. As such, it’s important that you spend the days leading up to your trip mentally and physically preparing yourself for the task at hand. Engage in some light cardio exercises and practice carrying your pack so that you get comfortable with its weight. Engaging in such exercises will ensure that you know how to prepare for a hiking adventure. You should also spend some time researching the trails you will be hiking. Familiarize yourself with the local flora and fauna and make sure you’re aware of any trail closures or potential hazards you may encounter. Though the likelihood that you will come across such hazards will be slim, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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