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April 17, 2020

As many frequent fliers can attest, packing for a brief getaway is often much harder than packing for an extended vacation. You’ll likely have a smaller suitcase, but you still want to ensure you’re prepared for anything. Before you know it, your luggage is packed to the brim. However, you can find a happy medium between overpacking and underpreparing. This guide will teach you how to pack for a weekend getaway with ease and style. Never again will you scrounge for a little extra suitcase space, and you may even find yourself with some spare room for souvenirs.

Plan outfits, not options

One of the most common causes of an overstuffed suitcase is an unnecessary abundance of clothing options. Whether it’s an effect of unpredictable weather or a busy vacation schedule, many people choose to fill their suitcase with multiple clothing options, many of which they’ll never even wear. Planning for entire outfits rather than individual clothing items is the best way to save space in your suitcase while ensuring you’re adequately prepared for your vacation’s itinerary.

Be sure to check the weather forecast when you’re planning these outfits. Mother Nature can be quite fickle, so if you’re unsure of where the weather will take you, try to choose items and outfits you can wear in a variety of different climates. Patagonia apparel, for instance, is compatible with several different weather scenarios—and it’s also comfortable and stylish to boot. Choosing clothing items that work in a variety of different climates and with a variety of different outfits will help you save space in your suitcase while ensuring you’re neither over- or underprepared.

Keep it simple

A vacation can be a fun time to pull out all the stops and try something new, but a full-on fashion flip may be better left for a longer getaway. Instead, try to keep things simple during your weekend getaway. Build your outfits around basic clothing items in solid colors. When you style them correctly, these items can be just as stunning as pieces with vibrant prints. Utilizing versatile clothing items will also afford you a wider range of outfit options without limiting the space in your suitcase. Be sure to pack a few accessory items as well. These will dress up your outfits and add a bit of personality to your wardrobe.

Compartmentalize your carry-on

Once you’ve packed away your shoes and clothing, you’ll likely be left with several smaller items, such as jewelry, makeup, or chargers. Allowing these items to float freely in your carry-on will increase the likelihood they’ll become lost or damaged, so try to compartmentalize these items as much as possible. Invest in a travel jewelry or makeup box, and keep all electronic items in a waterproof carrier. You may also consider using packing cubes to organize the rest of your clothing items. This will keep all items clean and folded and save a bit of extra space in your suitcase as well.


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