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May 11, 2022

After a long and grueling winter, many people look forward to ditching their countless layers in favor of warm-weather clothing. Summer fashion is fun, vibrant, and, most importantly, extremely comfortable. However, it can be hard to create unique and trendy looks without the help of jackets and coats. You want to put together outfits that have depth and interest, but you don’t want to sweat to death underneath all those clothes.

So how do you remedy this issue? With creativity and this helpful guide on how to layer your outfits in warm weather situations! These tips can help you prepare for a simple date or a formal event. Use these summer clothing rules as an inspiration for your own looks, as adding personality is the most important aspect of fashion.

Are Summer Layers Required?

In short, summer layers aren’t a mustfor warm-weather outfits. In some situations, having extra clothing is impractical and uncomfortable. Layering for summer is more about feeling comfortable, flexible, and stylish.

The Comfort Factor

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean there won’t be moderately cool days throughout the season. Sometimes you need a layer to stay comfortable while outside. For instance, early mornings and late evenings are typically 5–10 degrees cooler than midday temperatures. If that difference is enough to make you chilly, you’ll want some extra protection.

Additionally, those working in an office might need something cozier if the thermostat rests in the low 60s throughout the day. Ultimately, determine your comfort level in relation to the temperature before constructing your layered outfit.

The Flexible Factor

What is a “flexible” outfit? Basically, it’s clothing that keeps you comfortable and stylish in various conditions. As mentioned before, temperatures during the summer season can be inconsistent, even from hour to hour.

You want to stay warm when the temperature drops and cool when it rises. We’ll talk more about easily removable layers later in this guide, but understanding the importance of flexibility can help you construct a great outfit for warm weather.

The Style Factor

The last reason you should consider layering your summer fits is style. Coats, sweaters, and jackets all add depth, making your outfit more interesting and cool. Summer clothing is pretty basic for both men and women—shorts, T-shirts, tanks, and footwear. Adding layers helps break that monotony with a dash of pizzaz! Try adding just one extra article of clothing to your outfit and witness how the whole ensemble changes.

Now let’s explore the various ways you can successfully layer your summer clothing to maintain these fashion factors!

Light and Loose

The best advice we can give you for constructing a summer outfit is “light and loose.” This term refers to all aspects of your clothing—how it fits, feels, and flows. Fit is especially important since tighter clothing is constricting and less breathable. Opt for looser items that complement the rest of your fit.

Coat dresses are great options as they cover a good portion of your body without hiding the layers underneath. They look similar to kimonos and look great on the beach or out to a fancy dinner. Plus, they don’t trap an excess of heat, leaving you more comfortable when the sun comes out.

For men, consider purchasing a loose button-up short sleeve—you can get a long sleeve as well if that’s more comfortable. Leave these shirts unbuttoned, giving you a cooler outfit that isn’t sloppy. Oversized bowling shirts are trendy now and make the perfect summer wardrobe item for men.

These aforementioned clothing items are great for their loose fit, but what about their weight? Whenever you layer a summer fit, you also want light clothes. That means no heavy fabrics (more on that later) or extra accessories, such as oversized buttons. This gives your fit more breathability, which is especially essential for the hotter parts of the day.

But what about flow? That is the preferred result of combining “light and loose.” Factor in both the weight and fit of your layers, and if you find a happy medium, you have yourself an ideal, flowing outfit!

Easy Removal

We briefly mentioned the importance of flexibility and how it makes summer outfits more comfortable and functional. Easy-to-remove clothing gives you more options throughout the day. Show off the guns while outside, then throw on a sheer outer layer to stay warm while inside. You can also provide yourself with a look suitable from the morning to the evening, which is helpful when on vacation.

So what are examples of these particular items? We recommend layers with full-length buttons or zippers instead of quarter-length buttons/zip-ups. This allows you to strip layers without struggling and messing up your entire clothing ensemble. Avoid jackets with cross-body buttons and crew-neck sweaters (although sweater vests are a popular summer layer!).

Finding the Right Fabrics

So you’ve found a “light and loose” layer that is easily removable—what’s next? Before purchasing, determine what kind of fabric the item is and how it’ll perform under intense heat. Great summer materials include linen, cotton (sheer, Khaddar), and silk.

While synthetic garments are good for wicking moisture, they constrict when the temperature increases. You want to avoid materials such as polyester, nylon, and acrylic. These fabrics keep your body temperature regulated during colder conditions—they’ll leave you sweaty and stinky in the summer! However, you can make exceptions to this rule by creating an athleisure outfit with synthetic workout clothing.

Summer Colors and Patterns

The last but arguably most important fashion rule to follow this summer is ensuring your outfits retain colorful shades and patterns. Summer fits are vibrant and eye-catching. Also, don’t forget to add your own personal style. You can even clash with certain colors and patterns for a more unique and relaxed look. Pastels are popular for men, and pattern-heavy flowing pants are great options for women.

Remember, this guide on how to layer your outfits in warm weather is just a jumping-off point—the perfect summer fit consists of the styles you love the most! If you’re struggling to find the best possible wardrobe items, Escape Outdoors is here to help. We carry many of the top clothing brands and quality layers that work great in warmer seasons. Our Patagonia men’s outerwear can add flair and comfort to your summer wardrobe!

How To Layer Your Outfits in Warm Weather

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