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December 08, 2021

When the cold months finally come, we begin packing up our tank tops and boardshorts in favor of cozy pants, warm sweaters, and comfy gloves. Most importantly, we stock our wardrobes up with functional, practical outerwear clothing items that help us fight the elements. However, knowing which top-layer piece is best for your needs is often confusing. As a result, you may under- or overdress come winter. If you feel stumped on how to know if your outerwear is right for you, you can check out this post on what to put on for every type of adventure.


Don’t let anyone tell you that leisurely activities can’t be adventurous—simply leaving the house during a winter storm is no easy task. Like any outdoor activity, you need proper protection from the elements for this. If you’re just going outside to run a few errands or eat out with the family, you can opt for fewer layers. Also, go for clothes with light materials.

These items include fleece-lined flannel shirts, hoodie-and-windbreaker combos, or simple hooded jackets. Fabrics like cotton and faux fur are preferable. Your time exposed to the cold weather is minimal during most leisure activities, so your outerwear simply needs to keep you safe from the front door to your car.


Winter is the perfect time to do regular, low-impact physical activity, provided you have the correct gear. Cold walks are great for staying revigorated, healthy, and less prone to symptoms of seasonal depression. When taking them, you should consider wearing items that keep you warm without causing you to overheat.

For instance, a thick long-sleeve shirt paired with a puffy zip-up jacket, along with thin gloves and a cozy cap, is more than enough for a stroll outside. For longer treks in the elements, opt for synthetic materials like polyesters. These insulate heat while also wicking away moisture. It’s easy to work up a sweat with too many layers on, so find the perfect balance between comfort and protection.


Ask most runners, and they’ll tell you that winter running is an entirely different experience from summer running. In fact, some enthusiasts like to go for a jog during massive winter storms, as the colder conditions are better for maintaining stamina. However, you must wear more advanced gear during these runs, as extended exposure to the elements may lead to winter-related injuries, such as frostbite. Go with synthetic outerwear when you exercise, which will have fabrics that keep you warm and dry.

Many runners prefer polyamide, full-length zip-ups with long turtlenecks. This clothing item offers tons of flexibility when combating different levels of cold weather. A puffy vest is excellent for less-aggressive conditions and offers you a better range of motion. Additionally, fleeced-lined windbreakers are perfect for freezing temperatures.


Hiking is the best way to reap the benefits of walking on an incline while also taking in the beauty of nature. Hiking trips are often long. Sometimes, they last for a few days, and you must spend many hours in the cold. While wicking technology clothing is great for staying dry, a heftier jacket is typically necessary for this activity.

These coats are long, covering more of your lower body. Furthermore, they usually feature a practical hood that adequately protects your face from harsh weather. Those hoods often have fleece or faux fur linings. You can combine synthetic zip-up jackets with warmer outer coats to fend off moisture and frostbite.


Finding suitable clothes for a camping trip is surprisingly tricky. During a camping trip, you’ll spend time sitting around, sleeping, and going for hikes. Because of this, it’s hard to determine what outerwear is right for you. In truth, it’s best to pack highly-advanced practical coats that have multiple built-in layers and protective technology.

Since you must pack light, avoid bringing too many light layers, such as multiple zip-ups and sweaters. Instead, find an adequate layer for sleeping, as the night temperatures can often reach below-freezing conditions. Staying warm at night is imperative for any safe camping trip. You might be able to get away with a light layer when sitting around a fire, but you should always bundle up for walks and hikes.


Some areas of the country remain warm enough to maintain lake and river fishing during the winter, meaning you can still spend a lovely day on the water. However, cold winds and damp conditions make winter fishing a potentially dangerous undertaking. Getting wet in frigid weather increases your chances of getting a cold or, even worse, pneumonia.

Synthetic windbreakers are your best friend while on a boat. You can pair them with wicking sweaters underneath. Consider a waterproof layer made with similar materials to a swimsuit for much colder environments and climates. Falling into cold water may put you in shock, leading to drowning or sometimes cardiac arrest. Catching fish instead of an illness is the goal of any fishing trip, so remember to find clothing that keeps you dry and cozy.

Outdoor Sports

Sports are great for exercising and socializing at the same time. They can also help you fight those ugly symptoms of seasonal depression. Winter is the perfect time to get together with friends for a game of ice hockey, two-hand touch, or any other cold-weather sport. Since these are high-energy activities, you’ll need adequate outerwear that allows you to stay outside for extended periods.

Much like running, synthetic zip-ups, sweaters, and jackets are best for staying active, dry, and warm while playing sports. You want flexible materials and clothing items, so puffy vests are also perfect for winter sports. Keeping your head and hands warm is crucial to staying insulated while moving in the cold. So always protect these areas of your body.

At Escape Outdoors, our mission is to provide you with quality clothing that allows you to enjoy nature all year. We offer Canada Goose, The North Face, and Patagonia men's clothing.For most of the activities discussed here, the best products are the ones that fit you precisely. Escape Outdoors ensures that all the gear we offer is practical and stylish. Learning how to know if your outerwear is right for you is the best way to stay protected in the elements without wasting a dime on unnecessary items. Looking great and staying safe is the perfect cure for the winter blues.

How To Know if Your Outerwear Is Right for You

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