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September 03, 2021

The sun is setting later in the evenings, the breeze is becoming crisper, and the pumpkins and squashes are coming out to play. You know what that means—fall is arriving at your doorstep. You can just barely smell the cinnamon and pumpkin spice around the corner. But, as the weather cools down, it becomes harder to enjoy the activities you usually would in the warm sun.

So, what is there to do in your downtime outdoors, especially with the weather getting colder? Don’t fret, for there is plenty to do, whether you’re alone, with friends, or with family! Here are some fun fall activities to do outdoors.

Leaf Pile Fun

A classic way to enjoy your time outdoors during the cool weather is to enjoy the environment around you. Sipping on a nice cup of chai tea and sitting on your porch to watch the leaves change colors and smelling the morning dew along the grass gives an effortless, peaceful ambiance.

If you want to crank up the fun by a few notches, get some loved ones together and get a massive pile of leaves raked into the center of your yard. From there, you can have an absolute blast by jumping in the leaves and playing games involving the leaf pile. If you or your friends have children, there are many games for them to enjoy as well. Hide and seek, tag, and king of the mountain—there are so many options!

Local Fall Festivals

Once the season begins to change, it’s no surprise your local town hosts a fall event to celebrate the upcoming holidays. Whether it’s a farmers’ market for autumn-specific foods and treats, beverages to share, or a pony ride for the children—there’s always so much to do.

So, invite your friends and family to spend the day at your local fall festival and create some fun memories. There can be pumpkin patch picking, corn mazes, and rides to enjoy while you sip on that delicious hot apple cider. Of course, don’t forget to pick up a small festival favor to bring home for yourself.

Go Apple Picking

One of the most timeless fun fall activities to do outdoors with loved ones is going apple picking at a nearby apple grove. It is the best time to pick apples during the fall, when you can find the best naturally grown fruits. Not only does going apple picking support a small business, but it also can be a healthier alternative to buying fruit from the grocery store.

After finding the perfect apples, bring them homes and create a delicious dessert. Apple pies, cobblers, fritters, crumbles—the thought can make a dessert lover salivate. If you or people you know don't enjoy sweet treats that much, eat them like you usually would. Apples are always tastier in the fall.

Try Wagon Rides

A great activity to enjoy at your local fall festival is taking a wagon ride. It's an excellent opportunity to get a full tour of the festival area and relax with your friends and family. The festival hosts get to show their favorite regions of their residence while enjoying the new company. As you sip on your hot apple cider and chatter away with your friends, you can gaze upon the seemingly endless horizon of pumpkins and cornfields.

Weekend Trip Away

As the weather cools down, take advantage of the changing seasons and go on a weekend trip with your friends and family. See what is feasible in travel costs and distance, then go for it. Be sure to pack travel essentials and bundle up in any weather, and some North Face accessories to build up cold resistance.

Depending on where you go, there are numerous forests and parks that you can visit to see the leaves change. It’s quite a beautiful sight to behold. You can also go bird watching as they’re foraging for the colder weather.

Visit Your Local Café

If you wish to stay local, check out your favorite café to see if they’re offering any new seasonal dishes and snacks to try. There are so many flavors of foods and drinks to try that can titillate the fall palette. For foods, you can try different squash and chili dishes, along with stews and casseroles.

As for sweets and drinks, you can try anything pumpkin-spiced or make with cinnamon and nutmeg. S'mores flavors often bring out the smokey tastes, and there are even s'mores charcuterie boards you can try, depending on what each café offers. For drinks, there's the classic chai tea or pumpkin spice latte. Also, don't skip on the homemade hot apple cider—a classic fall staple.

Bonfires Galore

No one likes to be too cold in the fall season, so see if you can host a bonfire with your loved ones. The delectable aroma of the burning logs and words buzzing among your friends can create a relaxing and stimulating atmosphere.

Whether you’re cooking up s’mores or enjoying some warm drinks, bonfires are a great way to enjoy the cool evenings of autumn. So, see if your friends and family would be interested in relaxing by the fire. Who knows what good it will do for you and your loved ones.

Enjoy Sports Events

Before the cold weather becomes too intolerable, consider going to see any sports events nearby with your friends. Even if you aren't a sports fan, it's entertaining to be among fans and friends who enjoy it. It's a great way to socialize and expand your interests.

Sometimes, you'll walk out of a sporting event and become a fan yourself. You'd be surprised what being around hundreds, if not thousands, of screaming and cheering fans can do to a regular onlooker during an exciting game.

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Fun Fall Activities To Do Outdoors With Loved Ones

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