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July 05, 2022

Arc’teryx is a highly reputable garment manufacturer that’s extremely popular in rock climbing and outdoor activity communities. The brand’s high-quality garments help boost enjoyment, comfort, and performance while conducting movement-heavy activities. Read on to learn more about this Canadian company, including its history, overall reputation, and if its clothing fits true-to-size.

History of Arc'teryx

Founded under the name Rock Solid in 1989, this Canadian design company changed to Arc'teryx in 1991. Since then, the company has remained one of the most popular outdoor wear companies globally. "Arc'teryx" refers to the Archaeopteryx, a bird-like dinosaur from Late Jurassic (approximately 150 million years ago). Principal founder Jeremy Guard liked this name as he envisioned a clothing company that would evolve the activewear industry, specifically rock climbing garments and gear.

The first popular product from Arc'teryx was the Vapor harness—made from thermolaminated technology, these climbing harnesses were extremely durable and comfortable. Arc'teryx would continue using thermolaminated technology in other products, such as their Bora backpack (released in 1993). In 1996, the company got the rights to use GORE-TEX fabric (polytetrafluoroethylene) for clothing production, making Arc'teryx items more water-resistant and breathable.

Arc'teryx has seen many different parent companies throughout the years, including Adidas-owned Salomon Group, and most recently, the Anta Sports-owned Amer Sports Corporation. All clothing is manufactured in New Westminster, BC, while Arc'teryx headquarters are located in its original home of North Vancouver.

Seeing as the original goal of Arc'teryx was evolution, the company features other product lines outside of rock climbing or outdoor activities. The Arc'teryx Leaf Line manufactures comfortable, high-tech clothing for armed forces and law enforcement, with some designs tailored for civilian consumers. Additionally, Arc'teryx's Valiance line focuses on high-end, urban-style garments for business people and streetwear enthusiasts. Valiance is pricey but highly respected in the fashion industry for its modern, striking designs.

Arc'teryx Reputation

Let's focus on the standard line of Arc'teryx outdoor wear and its reputation in today's market. If you're not super involved with the rock climbing community, you might be surprised by the popularity and prices of Arc'teryx garments. While not as expensive as luxury brands like Canada Goose, Arc'teryx jackets and coats cost more than your standard winter wear item. What makes these products valuable?

Tailored for Specific Needs

First and foremost, it's important you recognize the influence of Arc'teryx garments in climbing and mountaineering. For decades, Arc'teryx has designed and manufactured clothing items with specific technology to improve adventurous experiences for consumers. Years of practice and relevance make this business highly capable of producing the highest-quality items that are guaranteed to boost performance. For instance, the Proton LT and Atom LT jackets from Arc'teryx are consistently ranked amongst the best synthetic insulated coats for high-movement activities. If you're a climber, you have to respect the innovation and reputation of Arc'teryx.


Arc-teryx's roots are in rock climbing garments, but the business has grown and features various product options for different needs. For example, we carry Arc'teryx belts, backpacks, bottoms, shirts, layers, and jackets for all sorts of activities, including yoga, running, climbing, or even for leisure. Basically, Arc'teryx has an item for you, whatever your needs might be! While there are many categories of garments to pick from, they all share one quality – durability and quality. The ability to produce varied clothing with similar technology makes Arc'teryx highly reputable in the fashion and outdoor-wear industries.

It's easy to see why Arc'teryx is popular worldwide and beloved by the outdoor activity community. The company has a long history of manufacturing quality clothing and is committed to improving active individuals' experience and performance. You can create an entire outfit of Arc'teryx garments that are perfect in any season, making it a highly versatile brand. But now, let's answer the most important question: does Arc'teryx clothing fit true-to-size?

Clothing Fit

True to size, or TTS, refers to how clothing fits on a consumer's body. This might seem irrelevant to some, but sizes do differ from brand to brand, especially those located internationally. American consumers who typically fit into XL coats from Northface or Patagonia might not fit with an international manufacturer's XL-sized products. Some businesses will remark that their sizes "run big" or "run small," meaning consumers are less likely to know if a clothing item is truly right for their needs.

Is Arc'teryx TTS?

More often than not, Arc'teryx items run smaller than their size indicates; therefore, an American purchasing a large coat should expect a slightly tighter fit, between a medium and a large. This isn't an indictment on the quality of Arc'teryx products, but rather something to consider when making an investment in these clothing items. For instance, many adventurous individuals prefer space for layering with other items, so they should purchase sizes larger than their regular fit. While coats and layers tend to run small, Arc'teryx T-shirts often have a true-to-size fit! They aren't overly baggy or tight, and these products look great in any outfit.

Sizing Charts

Now, everybody is different, and determining the most accurate fit demands a sizing chart. The following list can better educate you on which sizes are most effective for your specific measurements:

Men's Jacket and Shirt Sizing Chart (in inches)

XXS – Sleeve (31), Chest (34), Waist (28), Hip (33 ½)

XS – Sleeve (32), Chest (36), Waist (30), Hip (35 ½)

S– Sleeve (33), Chest (38), Waist (32), Hip (37 ½)

M– Sleeve (34), Chest (40), Waist (34), Hip (39 ½)

L – Sleeve (35), Chest (43), Waist (37), Hip (42 ½)

XL – Sleeve (36), Chest (46), Waist (40), Hip (45 ½)

XXL – Sleeve (37), Chest (47), Waist (44), Hip (49 ½)

Women's Jacket and Shirt Sizing Chart (in inches)

XS – Sleeve (29 ½), Chest (33), Waist (27), Hip (36)

S – Sleeve (30 ½), Chest (35), Waist (28 ½), Hip (38)

M – Sleeve (31 ½), Chest (37), Waist (30 ½), Hip (40)

L– Sleeve (32 ½), Chest (40), Waist (34), Hip (43 ½)

XL – Sleeve (33), Chest (44), Waist (38), Hip (47)

Remember to always order larger sizes if you require additional space underneath jackets for layers or comfort.

In this blog, we covered a lot of information regarding Arc'teryx, but most importantly, you are now better educated on how this clothing brand fits. You can use this knowledge to ensure your next purchase is sure to satisfy. For additional help and resources on finding the perfect Arc’teryx garments, check out our collection here at Escape Outdoors!

Does Arc'teryx Clothing Fit True-To-Size?

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