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May 25, 2022

From June to August, millions of individuals and families embark on memorable trips all across the globe. While planning a getaway has its own difficulties, finding the perfect clothing to pack is just as hard! For your convenience, check out this list of clothes to bring on your next summer vacation.

T-Shirts and Tank Tops

What’s a summer vacation without relaxing in the sun? If you’re traveling to a body of water and looking to bask in the rays, make sure you pack outdoor t-shirts and tanks to stay cool and stylish. Bright colors and interesting patterns are trendier in the summer.

We recommend thin, breathable materials to help fight the heat. However, ensure your shirts and tanks protect your skin from overexposure to the sun. You can use sunscreen to fill in any open areas. The best part about t-shirts and tank tops is how little space they take up in your bag, so you can bring along even more options for your vacation.

Athletic Gear

Summer vacation isn’t always just about lounging beachside. Depending on your destination, there’s often an opportunity for exercise and exploration. If so, you’ll want clothing that wicks moisture and offers a comfortable range of motion.

Don’t forget to pack at least one athletic outfit for your trip. This ensemble should consist of a pair of leggings, a thin top, a workout hat, and running shoes. Consider getting athletic socks that help reduce blisters and other skin irritations.

Summertime Formal Wear

Depending on the length of your vacation, you should always pack one or two summer-appropriate formal outfits. If you happen to eat out one night, you’ll want the right clothing for that setting. So what is suitable formal clothing for the warmer season?

A dinner outfit can be as simple as a button-down collared t-shirt and above-the-knee khaki shorts. A fun-patterned flowing dress paired with leather sandals is a great option for women. These items don’t take up much space in your bag and are always handy when on vacation.

Cozy Layers

Last but certainly not least, pack one to two cozy layers. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that the temperature won’t drop. If you find yourself exploring at night, you’ll want clothes that help keep you warm and comfortable. A simple pullover or shawl is a trendy and practical option for fighting the cold. Pack something thin, as layers tend to take up the most room in your luggage

These clothes to bring on your next summer vacation are just a jumping-off point for you to use. Find the styles you like most and adapt them for warmer weather. Remember to pack with purpose so you don’t find yourself with an overcrowded mess of a suitcase. If you need more help finding that perfect trip fit, check out our quality selection here at Escape Outdoors.

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