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July 08, 2021

When you’re hitting the trails or camping at your favorite site, packing is often the hardest part. Finding the space in your backpack for everything you need can be challenging for an outdoor enthusiast of any skill level. Before you start packing for your next summer adventure, learn about some of the best ways to maximize backpack space and prevent yourself from running out of room or overstuffing your favorite outdoor backpack.

Make a List of What You Need

Just like anything else, packing requires careful planning and precision. Both hiking trips and camping trips will have lists of essentials that you can’t leave behind when you head off. By starting out with a list of what you absolutely must bring, you’ll have an idea of what you can afford to leave at home to conserve space in your backpack.

Try to consider the pockets and compartments of your backpack that are specialized for certain tools or objects, such as water bottle pockets and sleeping roll straps. You may not need to think about those things on your list, since you primarily want to maximize your main pocket’s space.

Start By Putting Heavy Stuff on the Bottom

The bottom of your backpack’s main pocket is for heavier objects—if you’re bringing a spare pair of shoes along, you can pack those first and stack medium and light resources on top of them. Not only will stacking heavy to lightweight help you conserve space, but it will also help even out the overall weight of the backpack and prevent discomfort.

Wrap Objects in Clothes Whenever Possible

As you pack a backpack, think of each thing you’re stowing away like a tool. For example, clothes aren’t just clothes in your pack—they’re one of the best ways to maximize backpack space because they act as wrapping for the other things you’re bringing along. Socks and underwear work well as dividers, while shirts and pants can keep electronics safe from wet weather or from you jostling the pack around.

If you’re running into a brick wall while packing your backpack for your excursion, it might be time to invest in a bigger backpack. Escape Outdoors has all the top outdoor backpack brands that outdoor enthusiasts trust every day. Whether you’re packing for your first trip or need to purchase a bag that’s a size bigger for the complexity of your trips, we’ll provide you with the options you need.

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