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November 02, 2020

Hiking is one of the few ways we can safely leave our homes this fall, so let’s make the most of the beautiful fall foliage and get outside! Because of travel restrictions, you may need to stay local during your fall hikes. Our list of the best places to take a hike this fall will cover some of the grandest displays of outdoor beauty in the Pacific Northwest.

Mount Rainier, Washington

One of the most popular destinations in the Washington area is the glorious Mount Rainier. In the fall, the forests surrounding the mountain burst into beautiful oranges and scarlet reds. There are many different areas and trails to explore near the base of the mountain, including Reflection Lakes, Grove of the Patriarchs, and the Alta Vista Trail. With so many towering trees, roaring waterfalls, and scenic overlooks, you might even need to take a few days exploring Rainier!

Remember that winter weather affects higher elevations sooner in the season. If you intend to hike on or near a mountain in the late fall, make sure you’re prepared for snow and ice!

Maple Pass Loop, Washington

If it’s early enough in the fall season, you can catch the stunning views of Lake Ann and the Maple Pass Loop in Washington. This high-elevation hike in the North Cascades will provide you with panoramic visages of fall foliage and plenty of exercise as you navigate craggy ridges. For the less adventurous, Lake Ann has a lakeside trail that provides you with all the beautiful views without the elevation. Late in the season, Maple Pass will become more challenging due to snowfall and ice, so be sure to prepare yourself for the extra effort.

Trail of Ten Falls, Oregon

Near Salem, Oregon, lies the hidden sanctuary of Silver Falls State Park. Within this park, the Trail of Ten Falls creates a landscape dotted with falling leaves and falling water. Waterfalls are magnificent in nature and famous for their powerful roars. The Trail of Ten Falls takes you nearly eight miles around ten mystifying waterfalls. The memorable hike found within the dense forests of Silver Falls will bring you back again and again as you explore new ways to adventure within the park’s territory.

Redwood National Park, California

When road tripping south, it’s impossible to ignore the ever-imposing California Redwoods. The mild Northern California temperatures and variety of natural beauty provide the perfect fall hiking experience. Redwood National Park has a plethora of trails for whatever kind of hike you’re feeling, whether you are looking for a coastal trek or a ramble through the enchanting forest.

With all the options on our best places to take a hike this fall, remember that each park and feature will have its own COVID-19 guidelines that you must respect. Whenever you’re hiking in the late fall, make sure you’re prepared for the worst on your hike with first aid kits and warm, dry clothes. Escape Outdoors has outdoor lifestyle backpacks that will protect your gear in any weather or terrain, keeping you safe during any unforeseen, late-fall hiking event.

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