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February 04, 2022

It feels as if physical stores are a relic of the past in today's society. With all the available internet marketplaces, many individuals prefer online shopping for its convenience and wide array of products. The youngest generation may one day view brick and mortar shops in the same way we view banks or libraries. Heck, even here at Escape Outdoors, we have an excellent selection of products ready to ship at a moment's notice straight to your front door.

However, there is still value with in-person commerce, and some factors outweigh the pros of purchasing clothing on your computer. Here are three advantages to shopping in person rather than online.

Trying On and Testing

While most online marketplaces offer free returns, it's far easier to make a decision in person. Think back to the days when you'd try on a handful of outfits in a changing room before making a purchase. That mini fashion show helped save many people hundreds of dollars, since you could inspect an item without taking it home.

Simple things, like correct size and fit, are easy to spot when you physically try clothing on. Plus, other factors are impossible to know when online shopping, like the quality of material, comfort, range of motion, and functionality. Additionally, you can test out way more products without spending a dime to further educate your purchase.

Supports Local Businesses

COVID has impacted so many areas of our lives, and a huge victim of the pandemic is local businesses and the employees who make a living working there. Shopping in person directly supports these community establishments, increasing the quality of life for so many individuals and boosting the regional economy.

These smaller entities offer a personal experience, and every purchase brings you a sense of joy as you help support your town or city. By shopping in person, you'll indirectly influence the buying habits of friends and family around you as you spread the word about various businesses.

Faster Experience

Is online shopping thatmuch quicker? In essence, it is, as the product comes right to you without the need to ever leave the house. When you look beyond this aspect, you'll find more convenience and efficiency when going to the store.

For starters, online orders are delayed all the time, meaning you might wait weeks before receiving your product (now's a good time to mention that Escape Outdoors provides excellent priority shipping on orders of $50+). Plus, returns take time to process, whereas you can return an item the same day you purchased it when visiting a store. Those returns could take days to process if you plan to order a few different options.

There are many advantages to shopping in person rather than online, and those factors make the purchasing experience far more manageable and familiar. For all your clothing needs, consider our extensive collection of quality items such as our Patagonia women’s clothing and other top-of-the-line brands.

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