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January 24, 2023

Most of us don’t sling a bag over our shoulder each morning on our commute to work, nor do we own a suitable daypack for outdoor activities or traveling. In fact, it’s quite easy for adults to forget the convenience of wearing a backpack every single day. However, a quality back offers plenty of benefits, including functionality and style. Furthermore, the importance of finding a product from a quality brand is impossible to understate. Read on to learn the eight reasons you should buy a Patagonia backpack.

Reason I: Improved Daily Convenience

Quite obviously, having a backpack to carry essential items throughout the day provides superior convenience and comfort to hauling things by hand. For commuters and professional individuals, backpacks are an ergonomic and affordable solution for safely transporting electronic equipment, documents, and other vital work objects to and from the office. Conversely, they offer crucial storage space when conducting errands on foot, including scenarios such as grocery shopping in the city. Most importantly (and regardless of your specific needs), backpacks offer quick and easy access to your essentials at a moment’s notice. If you’re an individual who prefers to travel with multiple items, there’s no smarter investment than a quality backpack!

Reason II: Ideal Travelling Storage

Backpacks aren’t simply an investment toward your daily life and responsibilities—you alsoneed a suitable bag when traveling or conducting outdoor activities! Backpacks are the ideal storage solution for travel as they offer enough space to house your essentials while also reducing the chances of you overpacking. And, thanks to their two-strap design, a backpack is far easier to carry compared to other traditional bags. For further ease, you can also fold up and store most Patagonia daypacks into larger suitcases. Whether you’re jetting off for vacation or simply venturing into the wilderness for a day, a backpack ensures a more comfortable and convenient experience.

Reason III: Reduced Body Stress

Perhaps you already transport your items throughout the day with a purse, messenger bag, or briefcase—what advantages does a backpack offer that these options don’t? Ultimately, the two-strap design of a daypack is what sets it apart from other bags. These shoulder straps are more effective at evenly distributing weight across your back compared to one-strap alternatives. If your commute involves long periods of walking, this weight distribution is crucial for alleviating body stress, especially when lugging around a loaded backpack. Certain Patagonia bags even feature additional sternum straps and hip belts for increased stress relief, although these products are most practical for outdoor activities such as camping or hiking.

Reason IV: Increased Personal Safety

These days, many individuals walk around with hundreds of dollars worth of belongings on their person, including electronic devices, name-brand clothing accessories, physical cash, and more. Storing these expensive items in pants pockets or simply holding them in your hands is an unsafe practice, especially when navigating through densely populated environments. And while purses and briefcases are helpful for securing these valuables, their one-strap design makes them easy to snatch. Ultimately, the safest and most dependable tool for traveling with expensive objects in public is a quality backpack. As a convenient bonus, the two-strap design provides your arms and hands with complete freedom, unlike traditional bag options.

Reason V: Patagonia’s Commitment to Quality

There are plenty of reasons to invest in a nice backpack, but why are Patagonia products so desirable compared to the competition? Mainly, this brand is committed to quality, and its offerings reflect that—customers trust the durability and reliability of Patagonia products! And when purchasing a new daypack, those two aspects are perhaps the most crucial.

All of Patagonia’s backpack products are made with ultra-strong synthetic materials, including 100 percent recycled polyester, that are more tear- and stretch-resistant than other fabrics. Additionally, the stitching utilizes top-quality materials, and the overall construction of the bag contributes to a longer lifespan. Ultimately, Patagonia backpacks are Fair Trade Certified™ sewn, meaning well-compensated professionals are the only ones manufacturing these products.

Reason VI: Patagonia’s Range of Selection

Along with quality, Patagonia boasts a wide and diverse selection of outdoor clothing accessories, including backpacks. This brand carries an item suitable for any and all situations. The Refugio day pack is fantastic for commuting or running errands, while the Ultralight Black Hole Sling bag suits more physically demanding activities. Additionally, the Arbor Link backpack is a simple and stylish complement to your “going-out” outfit. And if two-strap products aren’t your preference, you can find equally high-quality alternatives, such as a Patagonia hip pack or the Black Hole Gear Tote. Regardless of your needs, Patagonia has the ideal backpack for you!

Reason VII: Built for the Outdoors

One area of expertise for Patagonia is the outdoors. In fact, the company’s name comes from the legendary southern section of the Andes Mountains in South America, and originally, it was an outdoor gear supplier. While the company’s inventory has since diversified, Patagonia products still suit the wilderness. A Patagonia daypack is the perfect storage method for hikers or campers, thanks to its weatherproof characteristics and overall quality design. Various Patagonia bags utilize a PFC-free DWR finish that effectively repels moisture, keeping your essentials and belonging safe and dry. Plus, your Patagonia can take a beating without losing its functionality or value!

Reason VIII: Trendy & Stylish

While outdoor adventures are an essential part of the company’s origin story, Patagonia has quickly become a stylish and trendy brand. The brand’s clothing, specifically its iconic fleece jackets and colorful logo designs, are excellent garment options when constructing a fashionable outfit. Luckily, Patagonia backpacks are equally as stylish, making them the perfect complement for any clothing ensemble. Many of Patagonia’s subtle products are ideal for professional settings, such as the Arbor Roll Top pack. Conversely, the more excentric offerings (like the stylish Black Hole 25L bag) can add the missing element to your overall look.

There are plenty of reasons you should buy a Patagonia backpack, from convenience to style and even outdoor functionality. Regardless of your specific needs, Escape Outdoors has the right product for you—browse our selection of Patagonia backpacks and related garments today!

8 Reasons You Should Buy a Patagonia Backpack

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