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August 20, 2021

August is here, meaning the final days of a brutally hot summer are upon us. However, just because it’s the last full month of summer doesn’t mean that it’s the coolest month of summer—it’s called the dog days of summer for a reason.

With the fleeting days ahead of us, it’s important to squeeze in the last bit of summer fun, so you’re not left with regrets as the months get colder. Whether you’re planning for yourself, your friends, or your children, these eight fun summer activities to do before fall will keep you entertained as you count down the days until the beautiful autumn days ahead.

Summer Drinks With Friends

What’s a summer without a night out with friends? If you haven’t been able to get together due to scheduling conflicts or a general lack of communication, it’s time to get the gang back together and have a few drinks together. Find a nostalgic bar or a new favorite for your mini-reunion before summer’s over.

For a fun, unique, at-home experience in the safety of your own kitchen or bar, try mixing your own summer-themed concoctions, such as:

  • Mai Tai
  • Frozen Margarita
  • Piña Colada
  • Blue Hawaii
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Red Sangria
  • Mojito

Backyard Barbeque

The rich, smoky smell of a backyard barbeque can brighten anyone’s day—the first bite of your barbequed meats, veggies, or even fruits can make your entire week. Host a cookout in your backyard and have your friends and family members bring their own dishes to celebrate the summer.

August is one of the best times to hold a cookout, since many favorite fruits and veggies like corn, watermelon, and tomatoes are in season. Add in some of your favorite beverages, maybe even some from above, and you’ll throw a summertime feast to remember.

Whitewater Rafting

Nothing is more refreshing than a day out experiencing some of the toughest river conditions Mother Nature has to offer. Take a wild venture down the white waters with your family or a party of your closest friends, and let the cold river water revitalize you as you follow the turns and twists below. Make sure that you pick an adventure that matches your skill level—if you’re a beginner, don’t start with the more extreme trips. Find an expedition that interests you and is in an area where you can do other activities.

Canoeing and Kayaking

If you prefer a calm, soothing activity rather than an adrenaline-pumping whitewater rafting trip, try renting out a canoe or a kayak for a day. Relax as you paddle in gentle waters by yourself or with close friends. You can take a boat to a body of water close to a town or city, or you can cast off in a more rural location to set off for a peaceful paddle through nature. Stop at a nearby lake or beach for a dip in the water to cool off after the hard work you put into rowing.

A Hike and a Picnic

Before the drizzly fall rolls in, make sure you lace up your hiking boots and get outside to your favorite trails. It’s not too late to enjoy the longer summer days by taking long hikes to nowhere in particular. Find iconic nature preserves near you that you’ve never been to and find a landmark you’ve never seen before, a scenic view at a new angle, and maybe even stumble upon local fauna along the way.

Pack your bags for your day trip and plan to have a picnic where you hike. Bring your friends, bring your family, or enjoy the solitude—just make sure to plan accordingly for poor weather or the type of terrain. Remember to pick up after yourself and do your part to protect the wildlife!

Conquer the Mountaintops

Have you ever reached the top of a mountain? If you’ve never witnessed the grandiose beauty of mountaintop views, summer is the perfect time to do so. The later in the year you try to mountain climb, the more likely you are to find inclement weather and dangerous slopes. Work on reaching your fitness goals, then find a group to go on a guided mountain climb with.

A mountain climb isn’t just physically strenuous—it’s also an excellent team building activity for you and your closest circle of friends or family members. Begin with a shorter climb before moving onto conquering larger mountains. Not many people can say they’ve climbed a mountain before—once you reach the top, you’ll feel an instant boost to your self-esteem. You did that!

Visit the Beach

One of summer’s staple activities is paying a visit to your nearest beach. Whether it’s at a lake or the ocean, taking the opportunity to make a splash once more at your favorite body of water is a great way to cool off—even during the last month of summer.

Unlike swimming during the spring and early summer, the water should already be at its warmest. In the northern hemisphere, late August is the month where many bodies of water peak before slowly cooling down to winter temperatures. If you’re looking for an excuse to go to the beach one last time for surf, sun, waves, and sandcastles, take a day for yourself and enjoy the ocean breeze.

Explore a National Park

If you live near a national park—or even if you don’t—it’s time to give them your full support and explore everything it has to offer. Park rangers work hard to maintain a little piece of nature that the public can adventure through freely and to make national parks a family-favorite fun summer activity to do before fall arrives. Take in the views, stop and smell the roses, and learn about the world as you experience a new national park with plenty of history.

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8 Fun Summer Activities To Do Before Fall

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