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March 06, 2023

Named after the legendary South American mountain region, Patagonia is one of the most popular outdoor clothing brands within the fashion industry today. Along with manufacturing high-performance and practical garments, this company also prioritizes ethical operations, responsible production practices, and environmental sustainability. Most importantly, this brand makes clothing that's ideal for women's lifestyles and fashion preferences.

Read on as we explore seven popular women's Patagonia styles you should consider. Each style features a name that we at Escape Outdoors coined for your convenience, as well as significant practical and fashion uses. Additionally, each look will include information on the optimal settings and applications, along with various Patagonia items we currently carry that would work well in that ensemble. Ultimately, this guide will help you find a solid variety of styles and looks to keep your wardrobe fresh and exciting!

The Outdoor Casualist

What exactly is an outdoor casualist? We believe this individual spends much of their time outdoors, either socializing with like-minded friends or connecting with nature on their own. However, this person isn't an extreme survivalist with multiple mountain summits or similar feats; rather, the outdoor casualist is always ready for manageable adventures and excursions. As such, they require a clothing style with functionality, versatility, and aesthetics to match their ever-flowing lifestyle.

Applications and Benefits

The outdoor casualist style consists of clothing appropriate for various settings, environments, and occasions. Combinations of jeans, flannels, Chelsea boots, strapped day packs, and light jackets are the roots of this fashion look, as these elements are highly multifunctional. For example, you can wear these outfits on a short hike with companions, a night out with a date, a quick grocery store trip, and much more—all without sacrificing that active wilderness aesthetic or overall comfort.

Including Patagonia

So, how can you include amazing Patagonia clothing items with your outdoor casualist style? Luckily, the Patagonia brand was practically designed for this specific fashion aesthetic, meaning there's no shortage of options for you to consider. Both the lightweight Sunchilla Snap-T pullover and standard down sweater are ideal outer layers for your outdoor casualist outfit. Each product is immensely versatile, both functionally and aesthetically, and very simple to pair with other items. Order a pair of insulated pants and a knit Honeycomb beanie to complete the look!

Alternative: The Outdoor Extremist

Perhaps you do prefer an extreme wilderness aesthetic when it comes to wearing clothing, or simply require high-performance gear for intense physical activities such as skiing and snowboarding. In that case, the outdoor extremistis a better look for you than the outdoor casualist. This alternative style prioritizes functionality over casual aesthetics, as these outfits aren't suitable for more formal occasions and events. Invest in a protective Nano Puff hoody or jacket to stay warm when outside, and swap your Chelsea boots out for bulkier, snow-environment footwear. Additionally, wear thicker, more insulated bottoms to complete the outdoor extremist look.

The Urban Explorer

The urban explorer lives in a densely populated environment that naturally demands a gritty, driven, and optimistic attitude. These individuals pride themselves on their ability to thrive regardless of their situation or setting. Fashion-wise, an urban explorer wears trendy, loud styles that intentionally clash with the monotonous backdrop of city landscapes. They demand clothing that reflects their unique personalities and provides support for their busy, on-the-go lifestyles.

Applications and Benefits

As the name suggests, urban explorer-style clothing is designed for city-dwelling individuals. Since these consumers often live in areas with superior transportation options and walkability, they live active and movement-heavy lifestyles. Urban explorer garments protect these individuals from weather elements without sacrificing trendiness and comfort. Basically, ideal clothing items for this stylistic choice include trendy jackets with suitable insulation, durable materials, and additional pockets for storing essentials while on the go. Unlike with the outdoor casualist, athletic footwear and bottoms prove more beneficial in city environments than hefty boots.

Including Patagonia

Colorful and patterned down sweater vests from Patagonia are the ideal outerwear option for achieving the urban explorer aesthetic. Aside from providing superior insulation and protection against adverse weather conditions, they also boast a distinct style that looks good in urban environments. Alternative jackets to consider include the Snowdrifter and our three-in-one parka. As for bottoms, we recommend athletic-style pants, such as the Pack-Out tights or joggers. Complete the look with a warm pair of gloves!

Alternative: The Cozy Explorer

Perhaps you live in an urban environment and have an explorative nature, but don't describe yourself as gritty or rugged. If so, the cozyexplorer is a better alternative than the urban explorer. This outfit style modification involves prioritizing Patagonia's line of comfortable, stylish, and functional pullover products. These items include practically any Patagonia fleece jacket, such as the Retro-X and Lightweight Synchilla Snap-T pullover. Basically, the cozy explorer is all about staying stylish and comfortable regardless of your surroundings or situation.

The Beach Dweller

This fashion style is pretty self-explanatory; it's ideal for ocean-loving individuals who want every moment throughout the day to feel like a chill party on the beach. Beach dwellers don't over-accessorize or layer up, instead opting for just a few highly comfortable and relaxed garments per outfit. Fortunately, Patagonia offers plenty of fantastic products to fit this fashion preference.

Applications and Benefits

The beach dweller look is applicable in nearly any setting, provided that the weather conditions afford less-protective clothing. Appropriate garment types include any item that's flowy, loose, and breathable. Additionally, beach-dwelling clothing is often quite colorful and even depicts patterns that reflect the surrounding paradise landscape. The ability to express your ocean-loving personality, remain comfortable in warm weather, and look trendy are all clear benefits of this fashion aesthetic.

Including Patagonia

While most know their winter and fall clothing, Patagonia does offer plenty of warm-weather garments for you to consider and implement into the beach dweller style. First and foremost, this brand has an immensely trendy and comfortable line of performance dresses that both look and feel great in warm or even hot weather. The Fleetwith romper, Kammala jumpsuit, and Magnolia spring dress are all excellent options for achieving the beach dweller look. If dresses aren't your preference, consider opting for Patagonia's highly sustainable and cozy Island Hemp Beach pants—you know these garments are ideal for beach dwellings when "beach" is in their name!

Alternative: The Athleisurist

Opposite of Beach Dwellers are athleisurist, or individuals who also live in regions with pleasant weather conditions and prefer to spend their time outside. However, instead of wasting away in Margarittaland and soaking up the sun on the beach, athleisurists enjoy physical activity and exploring nature through physical activity. As such, replace the loose-fitting garments from the Beach Dweller look in favor of performance clothing items with ideal workout materials. Patagonia carries excellent workout tights and running shorts to help you achieve this alternative look.

The Wildcard

Our last popular Patagonia style worth considering is called “the wildcard”because, ultimately, the specifics of this aesthetic are determined by you and your preferences! While the styles listed above are excellent inspirations to help you find the very best garments and products, you can't go wrong when creating your own unique outfits. Escape Outdoors wants to remind you that, overall, the most important elements relative to purchasing clothing concern whether you feel your best in those items. If so, you have the perfect fashion style to strut and show off!

Use this helpful guide on the seven most popular women's Patagonia styles to ensure an easier and more productive purchasing process. We at Escape Outdoors carry a wide selection of Patagonia women's clothing for you to explore and order today!

7 Popular Women's Patagonia Styles You Should Consider

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