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April 13, 2023

Are you interested in enhancing your garments for the upcoming season? Read on to learn six helpful tips to stay cool and stylish this summer! Furthermore, discover the best outdoor clothing brands worth investing in when shopping for new gear.

3 Tips For Staying Cool

First, let’s explore the best methods for staying comfortable while outdoors this summer. Ultimately, you must invest in clothing and gear that helps you stay dry even on the sweatiest of days. Check out our three helpful tips for staying cool.

Prioritize Specific Fabrics & Materials

Certain fabrics are better for the warm and sometimes muggy summer days. First and foremost, cotton is well-known for its natural moisture resistance. A 100 percent cotton T-shirt is the ideal base layer for a hot summer’s day. Also, consider investing in lighter-color cotton garments to avoid visible sweat marks, especially if you perspire easily and profusely. Furthermore, light-colored cotton tees in white, blue, and beige are great pieces for multi-functional summer outfits! Finally, most cotton products are incredibly affordable anddurable, allowing you to stock up on various garments for your wardrobe.

Luckily, cotton isn’t the only fabric that performs well during the summer—denim and bamboo textile are highly breathable, lightweight materials ideal for hot and humid weather. Additionally, certain synthetic fabrics make excellent athletic wear for active individuals, while more expensive silks are great layering options for more formal events. Lastly, linen is perhaps the most popular luxury summer material thanks to its incredible durability, moisture resistance, quality texture, and versatility. Popular linen garments include button-up collard tees, sundresses, slacks, and more!

Pair a Bag With Your Shorts

Summer is the perfect season to bust out your favorite pair of shorts. However, if you’re used to carrying around a bunch of personal supplies in the pockets of your pants and winter/spring jacket, switching to shorts can prove challenging. To help, consider investing in a functional, convenient, and stylish backpack or hip bag for storing personal items like electronic devices, medicines, money, and more.

Finding the perfect pack to fit your needs and style isn’t the easiest task for individuals new to bag ownership. However, you can simplify the shopping experience by looking for products with these three characteristics: quality construction, suitable storage capacity, and positive brand reputation. For example, Patagonia, North Face, and Fjällräven are three backpack brands perfect for hiking or related outdoor activities! Ultimately, pairing shorts with a stylish and functional bag allows you to maintain fewer layers without sacrificing convenience.

Prioritize Versatile Clothing

As we mentioned above, outfits with minimal layers are best during the summer months. Instead, prioritize garments with superior functionality and versatility. Find clothing that’s appropriate and usable in a wide variety of situations, environments, and occasions.

For example, a lightweight and loose linen jacket is the perfect all-day layer option for leisurely outdoor activities. You can comfortably wear this item throughout the day to maintain proper protection from the elements and superior style without sacrificing comfort. Alternatively, a synthetic quarter-length zip-up is perfect for looking formal, but you can easily remove it when the temperature increases.

Overall, consider ditching excessive layers this summer. Instead, prioritize higher-quality, multi-capable garments and fabrics!

3 Tips For Staying Stylish

Of course, staying cool and comfortable is only half the struggle of summer! Remaining stylish is an important element of outfit construction and can prove challenging during summer. Of course, fashion trends and aesthetics are subjective, meaning there isn’t one “correct” way to stay stylish. However, here are our three helpful tips for maintaining a fashionable aesthetic, regardless of hot and humid weather conditions.

Embrace Summer Colors and Patterns

As summer approaches, it’s the perfect opportunity to ditch the drab, monotonous color palette of the now long-gone winter season. Even well into spring, many individuals still wear dark hues despite a blooming and colorful environment. Ensure your summer wardrobe reflects your surroundings by embracing fun, vibrant, season-appropriate colors!

The most popular summer colors are often bold yet light, including different shades of white, pink, blue, red, green, yellow, tan, and brown. Consider combining one or more of these colors to create interesting and lively summer outfits.

Aside from colors, don’t forget to spruce up your wardrobe with fun and engaging patterns.Loud, bold, and clashing clothing patterns and designs are stylish, especially during summer. Plus, prioritizing unique designs helps produce more interesting outfit combinations. Experiment with various patterns you don’t typically wear to freshen up your closet.

No Sleeves, No Socks, No Problem!

Tank tops and open-toed footwear are two distinctly summertime clothing options that, in any other season, are out of style. However, from roughly May until August, letting your shoulders and toes bask in the sun while out and about is normal, comfortable, and stylish!

Consider creating a tank-top outfit with a tighter fit and athletic aesthetic. This style is much more put together than a looser beach look, making it suitable for a wider range of environments and occasions.

The most popular open-toed shoes are flip-flops and sandals, of which there are plenty of styles. However, we recommend pairing your tank-top outfit with casual slides to complete the cool aesthetic. Slides are sandals designed to be convenient poolside options. Certain brands produce high-quality, fashionable slides that are suitable for everyday outfits. Plus, this footwear style is extremely breathable and helps keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Last but not least, it’s time to accessorize your perfect summer outfit! Certain accessories can enhance your outfit’s functionality, comfort, and overall aesthetic appeal. For example, a comfortable and cool pair of sunglasses is great for adding depth to your look while providing eye protection from harmful UV rays. Alternatively, a plain, lightweight baseball cap is ideal for keeping the sun off your face while jogging or running errands around town. Other great summertime accessories include moisture and blister-resistant socks for running, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Best Brands for This Summer

Here at Escape Outdoors, we pride ourselves on providing the very best selection of outdoor clothing and gear to support an active and rewarding lifestyle. We carry a wide variety of outdoor fashion items from many of the most well-respected and popular garment brands on the market!

But which of these companies produces the best clothing for summer weather and conditions? If you’re hoping to stay stylish and cool throughout the summer days, we recommend exploring the collections of Patagonia, Vuori, or Fjällräven. These three brands feature accessories, clothing items, and outdoor gear perfect for functionality and fashion.

Utilize these six helpful tips and tricks to stay cool and stylish this summer. Once you’ve established some goals for your summer style, stock up on quality summertime garments and gear here at Escape Outdoors!

6 Tips To Stay Cool and Stylish This Summer

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