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September 29, 2022

The holiday season might seem a lifetime away, but it's the perfect time of year to start planning your presents. For your shopping convenience, here are our recommendations for the five best travel gift ideas for the outdoorsman who has everything.

Outdoor Video Equipment

Yes, spending time outdoors is great for disconnecting from technology. However, filming and sharing outdoor adventures online is an increasingly popular hobby and, for some lucky individuals, a bona fide career! There are tons of convenient, weather-proof cameras out there with amazing video quality without taking up too much space; 360-degree video cameras produce amazing footage while hiking, camping, or simply sightseeing. If your outdoorsman is reallyinto videography, consider getting them a durable camera drone.

Pest Control Products

Camping is a tremendously engaging and rewarding activity, but living amongst the pests can be quite the opposite. Most outdoor-loving individuals prefer to deal with mosquitos and other campsite bugs with non-harmful solutions (i.e., no DEET or Butane). Luckily, bug prevention technology is very advanced these days, and you can purchase Metofluthrin pesticide dispensers that create a forcefield against hungry insects. Plus, these machines are less harmful to the environment than traditional repellents.

Better GPS Technology

Another great outdoor tech gift is an advanced GPS for more rugged and foreboding environments. If your loved one likes to blaze new trails, a solid guidance solution is essential. These days, many outdoorsy people are using GPS electronic watches that provide personal health data, such as heart rate and burned calories. Some of these products even offer heatmaps to find safe trails in less traveled areas.

A New Outdoor Wardrobe

Even the most outdoor-loving individual requires a wardrobe update periodically! Show your loved ones how much they mean to you by gifting them new activewear clothing and accessories. As the weather cools, training jackets, lined coats, and hiking pants become more necessary when embarking into the wilderness. You can stock up on all of the best men's outdoor fashion at Escape Outdoor to ensure your friend or family member is comfortable and stylish while adventuring.

Satellite Phone Converter

Another way to ensure your loved one is safe while in unfamiliar, rugged environments is by gifting them access to a satellite phone. Instead of purchasing a new device, you can opt for equipment that easily converts personal phones into satellite phones! These products allow an individual to contact help in the event of an emergency, no matter their location. Plus, many of these devices offer additional features, like backup battery reserves and real-time weather updates.

Consider these five travel gift ideas for the outdoorsman who has everything to ensure their outdoor adventures are safer and more enjoyable! Check out our collection of outdoor clothing to find the perfect present for your loved ones.

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