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February 10, 2022

The winter blues often lead many people to stay indoors. However, exploring nature during the coldest months of the year is an amazing way to get fit and recharge mental batteries. After all, here at Escape Outdoors, we pride ourselves on offering the right gear that keeps you outside for longer.

Many of the options may seem underwhelming when looking for a suitable activity to do out in the cold. For your convenience, here’s a list of five fun ways to stay active outdoors this winter.

Adventure Walks

We’ve all probably upped our walking game during the pandemic, as it was the only way to clear our minds while stuck at home. Over two years since we all locked ourselves inside, we’ve probably exhausted every walking route in town. This activity quickly gets boring without a scenery shake-up. That’s why adventure walking is the perfect way to fall in love with winter strolls all over again.

So, what is adventure walking? It’s a type of exercise that’s closer to hiking, without the strain of scaling significant inclines. Research various areas of undeveloped nature that are within driving distance of your house. This can be a preserve, national forest, or even a wooded trail nearby.

These locations are quite striking to look at during the cold season and require more energy to traverse over snow. Throw on some boots and explore the serenity that is winter. You can invite friends or family and make it a social event. Don’t be afraid to stray off the beaten path, as you just might find a hidden gem right in your neighborhood.

New Workout Routine

The suggestion of working out isn’t always the most fun of activities, but during the winter, you can alter your exercise routine to maximize your engagement. Many people swear by snow running, as the cold weather and soft surfaces make for a more rewarding run. Try finding exciting nature areas nearby to sweeten up the experience.

Many parks and playgrounds feature various workout devices, so try implementing some reps outdoors if you happen to pass by them during your run. To truly bolster your new workout routine, try running or walking to stores over driving. And while raking the leaves or shoveling the snow is definitely not a fun activity, take solace in the fact that it burns a ton of calories!

Camping Trip

If you’ve never gone camping before, don’t be afraid to try it out during the winter. With the right gear and a little knowledge, you can camp anywhere, no matter the weather. Choose a long weekend when you, some friends, or family are available for a trip. Pick out a camping location well in advance of the trip—you want to understand all aspects of that location before shlepping out there.

Stock up on proper camping gear like a sturdy tent, sleeping bags, cooking appliances, first aid supplies, and adequate clothing. You don’t want to fall victim to cold-related injuries, so consider Escape Outdoor’s selection of quality winter wear. We offer many of the top brands that’ll ensure you stay cozy while on vacation in nature, such as North Face apparel.

Ice Sports

Ice creeps out when the weather gets extremely cold, and most people take that as a sign to lock up indoors. However, icy surfaces offer the perfect setting for fun sports. These activities are great for burning calories, getting fit, and having an enriching experience. Here are two exceptionally entertaining ice sports to consider.

Ice Skating

Your community probably has one or two solid ice skating rinks in town. Perhaps there’s a lake nearby that’s safe to play on. And while you can skate year-round at an indoor facility, there’s nothing quite like a day on outdoor ice.

This is the perfect activity to do with the whole family and a great way to build motor skills and confidence for young children. Additionally, ice skating is a fantastic workout, and it doesn’t feel like an exercise at all. Just remember to always wear protective gear like wrist and knee guards, and always suit up in well-fitting skates.

Ice Hockey

If you have the skills, try playing ice hockey with a few of your friends. In truth, you only need about six to eight people for a suitable game and four small cones for marking goals. Grab a helmet and a trusty hockey stick, and in no time, you’ll be burning calories in a fun fashion.

Snow Sports

If ice sports aren’t your thing, consider more relaxing snow sports. They’re really entertaining to do, and they don’t require as much energy. These activities are even more family-friendly and allow you to truly connect with nature during the winter. Here are two snow sports to consider:


Snowboarding takes practice and skill, but with enough tries, you’ll be shredding hills in no time. The best place to hit the powder is at a resort while on vacation. If you’re looking for an end-of-the-year getaway, consider a trip to one of these places. You’ll have an unforgettable experience filled with amazingly engaging activities.

However, you can easily find good quality hills for snowboarding around town without spending money on transportation or lodging. If you’re just starting out, try your hand on smaller hills. Once you have the confidence, research any factory-made snow hills nearby. These businesses provide a challenging hill covered with a mixture of natural and synthetic snow.


Want to boost the excitement level of your adventure walks? Snowshoeing is the best way to trek deep into nature while getting solid exercise. There are some areas that standard boots just can’t handle, so to tackle this terrain, go to a nearby store and purchase snowshoes. You’ll then be able to access locations that were otherwise hard to get to. Try bringing along some friends, or go for a solo walk to connect with your surroundings.

These five ways to stay active outdoors this winter are just a few options to consider. Use your creativity to find the activity that you enjoy most. Browse Escape Outdoor’s collection of high-quality products for all your winter wear needs.

5 Fun Ways To Stay Active Outdoors This Winter

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