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March 27, 2023

Hiking is an excellent physical activity to enjoy socially or by yourself. Aside from packing the essentials like food, water, and navigation equipment, what type of gear do you need for your adventure? Read on to learn the four must-have accessories for your next hike.

An Appropriate Hiking Backpack

There are many different types of backpacks, but only a few are truly appropriate for hiking activities. Look for a backpack from a reputable outdoor gear brand that’s specifically designed for rugged wilderness environments. A few characteristics of the ideal hiking backpack include sturdy, high-quality construction, weather-resistant materials, additional arm and hip straps for improved support, increased packing capacity, and a lightweight design. Most importantly, ensure that your essential items are easily accessible from your bag while on the go.

A Sun-Blocking Hat

Your skin is especially vulnerable to UV rays during hikes due to prolonged sun exposure and increased elevation. Therefore, it’s important to protect your extremities from the sun’s harmful rays with appropriate clothing, sunscreen with at least 30 SPF, and a sun-blocking hat. Headcoverings with large, 360-degree brims are a stylish and practical option for protecting your face on your next hike.

An All-Weather Layer

A versatile, all-weather layer is exceptionally handy while hiking and is the best way to stay dry and comfortable during unpredictable weather conditions. A light, insulated jacket with a water-resistant outer shell is ideal for providing warmth and protection without causing overheating. Unlike a bulky coat, these functional all-weather layers are simple to remove and safely store in a backpack, giving you more freedom to move while out in the wilderness.

A Quality Navigation Watch

Investing in a quality navigation watch is highly recommended for serious hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. These devices conveniently provide helpful location information and communication services to keep you safer in remote areas. Additionally, many of these watches display health and performance data, such as heart rate, distance traveled, and more. Utilize this data to significantly enhance your experience, increase performance, and monitor your well-being.

These four must-have accessories are ideal for your next hike or related outdoor adventure. Stock up on functional and stylish outdoor fashion today by browsing our gear selection at Escape Outdoors!

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