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January 13, 2023

As the end of the year approaches, the need to find the perfect winter jacket becomes increasingly pressing. Fortunately, there are plenty of brands in stores and online that offer cold-weather gear that’s guaranteed to meet your specific seasonal needs. However, how can you tell which clothing manufacturers make superior products?

Among the many popular winter clothing companies, The North Face stands out as an industry leader. This brand is known for its high-performance, multi-faceted, supremely trendy, and ultra-comfortable winter coats, jackets, and accessories. Plus, North Face garments make the perfect gift just in time for the holidays, whether for yourself or a loved one! Read on to learn more reasons why North Face jackets are great for winter weather.

Superior Insulation

One aspect of North Face jackets that makes them highly desirable is their signature insulation. The North Face currently uses a highly sustainable synthetic material called PrimaLoft to produce ThermoBall insulation technology.

What makes ThermoBall superior to other competitors? Basically, its fibrous structure naturally mimics down insulation by clustering together in the cold and keeping body heat inside of the jacket. ThermoBall even functions in wet environments and conditions! Plus, the synthetic material is easy to clean, extremely durable, and often more affordable than traditional down.

Water Resistance Technology

Another staple feature of most North Face jackets is the waterproofing and moisture-resistant technology. Much like ThermoBall, The North Face has a unique outer shell material called DryVent that provides superior moisture protection. Thanks to its highly durable and responsive design, it effortlessly blocks water from drenching your base layers in snow and rain storms. But DryVent doesn’t simply protect the outside of your body—the moisture-wicking fabric insideof the jacket offers a more breathable and comfortable fit.

Windbreaking Capabilities

DryVent is no one-trick pony. Along with superior moisture resistance, this North Face fabric possesses excellent windbreaking capabilities. The three-layer DryVent material is often used for performance gear due to its superior rigidity. However, other North Face jackets feature 2.5-layer DryVent fabric that performs well andis lightweight and foldable. Aside from DryVent, North Face manufactures garments with Polartec technology, which provides even more protection from the wind and moisture.

Quality Materials and Designs

We’ve already mentioned ThermoBall, DryVent, and Polartec—three brand-specific fabrics that make The North Face a highly reputable and respected brand. However, it’s worth noting that everymaterial used in the design of North Face jackets is undoubtedly high quality. From major aspects like mesh linings and insulated pockets to minor details such as zippers and stitching, these jackets prioritize functionality and durability above all else.

When you purchase a North Face product, you can rest assured that it will protect you from the elements throughout the entire winter properly and comfortably. Some extremely popular garments known for their quality design include North Face’s Sierra Long Down Parka, Himalayan Down Jacket, Furturelight Jacket, and ThermoBall ECO Puffer Coat.

Perfect for Physical Activities

Many people struggle to find the perfect winter jacket that keeps them warm, looks stylish, and supports physical activities like outdoor cardiovascular exercise or skiing. The North Face proudly manufactures winter garments specifically designed for the most extreme conditions and movement, including the Dragline jacket and Silvani Anorak parka. Basically, you can confidently wear your North Face coat for a multitude of environments and situations without sacrificing comfort!

Built for Travel

Millions of individuals embark on trips and vacations over the holiday season. Aside from lugging around suitcases, passports, and entertainment devices, winter traveling also means dealing with a jacket on the plane. Unfortunately, most winter coats are large, bulky, and stiff, making them difficult to pack successfully into already-stuffed bags.

Conversely, wearing your jacket on your person throughout the duration of the flight is a stuffy and uncomfortable experience. Luckily, North Face jackets are built for travel and are incredibly easy to fold. Their special material and design allow them to be rolled up, tied, twisted, and more without ruining the shape and functionality of the jacket. You can even stuff your coat into a small backpack without taking up too much space!

Great Value

North Face jackets feature a variety of price tags, but the highest-end products rarely exceed $350. This investment is extremely valuable compared to other top brands that offer similar products but sell items often upwards of $600. Plus, North Face guarantees quality materials, smart designs, and advanced clothing technology at a reasonable price.

Unmatched Durability

Another aspect of North Face jackets that makes them a valuable investment is their unmatched durability. As mentioned earlier, the materials used during production are of high quality and quite strong. Consequently, these jackets are known to last for many years without showing signs of wear and tear. In turn, this limits how much you spend on winterwear each season and leaves extra cash in your wallet for more exciting purchases!

Stylish and Trendy

Today’s fashion scene is dominated by brand-name items. In some sense, simply adding the name of a specific company to a product makes it significantly more desirable—and expensive! As mentioned above, The North Face sells clothing at a reasonable price, considering its quality and reliability.

However, their iconic logo and jacket silhouette makes these coats ideal for any winter outfit and a definitive fashion statement. Furthermore, North Face occasionally partners with high-end designers—such as Gucci, Supreme, Dover Street Market, and more—to create runway-material clothing lines. You can even consistently find North Face items at fashion shows across the globe! So if you’re looking for a high-end winter coat that also serves as a trendy fashion item, The North Face is perfect for you.


Most of all, purchasing a North Face jacket for yourself or as a gift to a loved one is extremely easy! We at Escape Outdoors carry a wide selection of quality jackets and related North Face accessories. Plus, you can stock up on essential clothing items and extras for other seasons at great deals.

It’s clear that there are many reasons why North Face jackets are great for winter weather! Aside from being high-performance, comfortable, and stylish, these coats are the perfect gift for yourself or for a loved one. Order your own North Face products today or search for other ideal winter clothing and gear. Contact our friendly team for additional help finding the perfect item.

10 Reasons North Face Jackets Are Great for Winter Weather

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