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November 25, 2020

Every child looks forward to playing in the first big snow of the season. While the winter provides the entire family with exciting outdoor activities, safety should be your first concern as a parent. Let your child seize every snowy moment during the shortened days by keeping them warm and safe. Learn how to keep your child warm in the winter, and they’ll be able to play in the snow until the sun goes down.

Monitor Breaktime

Extended periods of high activity outside in the freezing weather can lead to fatigue and hazards that stem from the cold temperatures. Ensure that your children take short breaks from outside playtime, and entice them with hot cocoa for extra enjoyment. If they need to rest, make sure they’re not doing so in the snow, where it’s dangerous. Even if it’s daytime, the snowy, freezing environment can still pose a danger to unknowing children.

Layer Their Clothes

Your children may object to the extra effort they need to take when dressing for the winter weather, but it’s for their own safety. Teach your children early about layering their clothing so that they can make the most of their time outside in the cold. Waterproof snow pants are a great way to keep kids warm in the snow as well. Find ways to make their layers more maneuverable so that they can run around and play without feeling held back by clunky clothing. Don’t forget to mention that they need to come back inside and remove any layers that get wet with snow or sweat.

Make Sure Their Coats and Snow Boots Still Fit

Children grow up quickly, which, unfortunately, means they grow out of their clothing just as fast. An ill-fitting coat can lead to freezing air and snow creeping into your child’s layers. At some points in a child’s growth stage, you may find yourself needing to buy a new coat or pair of boots for them every year. The fit of coats and boots is important to ensuring a child can run around safely without worrying about frostbite or foot pain.

The way to keep your child warm in the winter relies on you equipping them with the high-quality winter gear they need for extensive outdoor physical activity. Shop Escape Outdoor’s selection of Patagonia apparel for children, and keep them safe in the most extreme temperatures and weather this winter.

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