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February 03, 2021

The beginning of the year is the best time to stock up on the outdoor accessories you’ll need when the weather begins to warm up. If you’re planning on hitting the hiking trails or taking multi-day hiking excursions, you must have the right backpack. Backpacks are the most important tool for keeping all your gear in one easy-to-carry place. Whether you’re new to hiking or an experienced trailblazer, knowing how to choose a new hiking backpack can make the trek easier.

Pick the Correct Volume for Your Average Trip

Backpack manufacturers typically measure the volume of their packs in liters; you can find the measurement on any backpack’s description and sometimes even within their name. How big of a capacity you need in your backpack depends on the length and intensity of your hike.

Consider these bounds for the necessary volume of your backpack:

  • Under 30 liters: Day hikes, walks, short trips.
  • 30-50 liters: Overnight hikes.
  • Over 50 liters: Multiday excursions, backpacking, challenging hikes.

Your preferences may influence the size backpack you want to bring. If it’s your first overnight hike, you may overpack (unintentionally or not) and want a larger backpack for security. More rugged hikers may prefer smaller packs for longer journeys because they prefer survivalist adventures or simply need less. Experience and packing strategies make a difference!

Consider the Climate

Nothing is worse on a hike than a sudden torrential downpour dousing all your supplies through your backpack. When you’re scared of the weather, prepare yourself and protect your stuff by purchasing a water-resistant or waterproof backpack. Also, consider the environment of your ideal hikes—if you plan on wading through a creek or camping near a river, the waterproof material will keep your supplies safe in case of an accident.

How Many Compartments?

It’s only natural for you to want to store food and water supplies away from spare clothing in case of leaks. A pack with only one compartment may work well for a short walk or a day at a theme park, but when it comes to an outdoor lifestyle those one-compartment backpacks won’t cut it.

Keep your supplies organized with multiple pockets, water bottle sleeves, and sleeping bag straps. Some backpacks come equipped with a laptop pocket—while that may not be useful for hikes, it allows you to use the backpack for other activities besides hiking.

At Escape Outdoors, we carefully curate the best of the best outdoor backpack brands that make it easy to learn how to choose a new hiking backpack. Fall in love with one of the high-quality backpacks in our collection today and prepare yourself for all your future spring hikes.

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