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October 27, 2020

Your first mountain-climbing adventure will fill you with heart-pounding adrenaline and excitement. The thrill of mountain climbing stems from the thrill of danger around any corner, but that danger shouldn’t come from being ill-prepared. Keep yourself safe with the most essential gear for mountain climbing as you face the magnificent and awesome sights of the great outdoors head-on.

Safety Gear

When you’re on a guided mountain climbing tour, much of the safety gear may already be provided or rented out to you before you leave. Each piece of equipment is as necessary as the next when it comes to your safety during a climb. You will need a helmet, harness, and plenty of climbing ropes and cords to keep you secure as you climb or hike with your party. Make sure your ropes or carabiners are not damaged or frayed before you head out. Other pieces of safety gear you’ll need include a belay device, a rappel device, ascenders, climbing nuts, cams, and ice screws.

One of the more unique tools is an ice ax. You may need to dig into ice and rock to get a sturdy hold on a mountain, in which case the ice ax will be your best friend. Often, climbers will use an ascender in one hand and an ice ax in the other. Crampons are spikes that latch onto your boots and provide you with stability on icy, slippery surfaces. They are essential for any length of mountain-climbing expedition.

Pick the Right Outerwear

The weather in a mountainous environment is anything but friendly. You need to wear the best outdoor clothes, coats, and boots that will keep you warm without limiting your mobility. Pick a winter coat that’s built for extreme weather and outdoor activity. It may be an expensive coat, but you’ll be spending money on your safety rather than luxury. Don’t forget to add a cozy hat and a few pairs of wool socks to your shopping cart!

Next are the boots. Your mountaineering boots will need to be heavy to handle the tough environment of a mountain. Make sure they are waterproof and not damaged with tears, holes, or worn-out soles. Buy a pair of gloves that are strong enough to handle constant rappelling and gritty terrain. Your feet and hands are the most essential appendages to keep warm since they are the most susceptible to frostbite.


For the last category of essential gear for mountain climbing, you need to know the most useful accessories to gear up with. Once you reach a high altitude, the wind will pick up and can hurt your eyes. To prevent dry eyes or squinting in the sun, you’ll need a pair of mountaineering goggles to protect your sight.

Picking the right backpack is a necessity for any mountain climber. Trust only durable, named outdoor backpack brands to carry your gear. Popular brands are easy to research, and you will find trustworthy opinions for any climbing gear you may need. 

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